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Unfortunately, Dark One, the contract is binding.
—Fendrake to Rumplestiltskin src

Fendrake the Healer is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the fourteenth episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by guest star Aaron Douglas.


Before First Curse

While working as a healer in the Enchanted Forest, Fendrake is approached by Milah and Rumplestiltskin with a dead snake that bit their son. He tells them it's an Atlantean rat snake, and that their son doesn't have long to live. Fendrake offers an antidote and asks for a hundred gold coins, which the couple don't have. Later, at Milah's behest, Rumplestiltskin sneaks into the hut while the healer is asleep inside, intending to kill Fendrake and take the potion. Fendrake wakes up to see the intruder, and when Rumplestiltskin moves to stab him, he doesn't resist, causing Rumplestiltskin's resolve to waver. Seeing how desperate he is to save his son, Fendrake offers him the antidote, but instead of money, he asks Rumplestiltskin to give him his second-born child. Rumplestiltskin agrees, signing a contract to seal the deal, before returning home to heal his son with the potion. ("Devil's Due")

Years later, after Rumplestiltskin has become the Dark One, Fendrake is visited by him again. In an attempt to nullify the deal, because he wants to start a family with Cora, Rumplestilstkin rips out Fendrake's heart and crushes it, stating that he won't owe anything to a dead man. ("Devil's Due")

Following his death, Fendrake goes to the Underworld, unable to move on because of the unfulfilled deal. ("Devil's Due")

After Third Curse

After recruiting Mr. Gold to do his dirty work in exchange for a trip home, Hades calls him out for attempting to conceal Belle's pregnancy from him. He teleports Fendrake into the room, reminding Mr. Gold of the forgotten deal, before pulling out the contract that the healer has just sold to him. Threatening to cash in on the deal at any time, Hades then intimidates Mr. Gold into continuing to be his henchman. ("Devil's Due")

Magical Abilities

  • Potioncraft - Ability to create liquid substances for various purposes by combining a set of ingredients.


Character Notes

  • Fendrake is more than a hundred years old by the time of his death, given how he appears before Rumplestiltskin became the Dark One, and was still alive by the time Rumplestiltskin met Cora. ("Devil's Due")
  • Fendrake's contract, which he signed over to Hades, reads:[1]

[ Elder Futhark runes, which translate as "contract" ]

Acceptance of this contract dictates the unconditional agreement to this offer. This being "created contract". Here-in being written by Rumpelstiltskin [sic] before Acceptance, [sic] any offer can be withdrawn, but once accepted this contract is binding on both sides. Any conditions that may have been effected as per a counter offer must be accepted by both parties.

Representing the undersigned agent is hereby appointed by Rumplestiltskin to act on behalf of no other person than the undersigned (known as the principal). The amount of authority to deal that the agent has is subject to agreement between the principal and the stated agent. However, otherwise, third parties can assume the [sic] Mr. Gold has full powers to negotiate this contract.

[obscured] third party to settle any future disputes without going to court. Any third party acting as arbitrator [image ends]
[obscured] must be presented in advance [image ends]
("Devil's Due", "Firebird")