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You are Farzeen Shahmed? You work in the marketplace selling scarves.

Jafar to Farzeen Shahmed src

Farzeen Shahmed, also known as Bearded Man,[1] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the second episode and is portrayed by co-star Michael Antonakos.


Before First Curse

In Agrabah, Farzeen Shahmed works in the marketplace selling scarves. He happens to gain a bottle containing a genie, Cyrus, who offers him three wishes. From two wishes, Farzeen amasses great wealth and lives comfortably. Nonetheless, Cyrus warns his master to beware of a man with a serpent-headed staff that is after him. ("Trust Me")

One day, Farzeen greets a potential customer, Jafar , who comes in to take a look around. Jafar comments on the size of his home, though he guesses there is little income, and goes on to ask about the bounty of fresh vegetables in his garden and possession of two camels, which is suspicious as not many men in Agrabah can even afford a camel. Farzeen admits to being very fortunate, to which Jafar questions if there was someone who helped him grant wishes. Rattled, Farzeen claims his wealth is a result of a family investment that has finally began to pay off. Jafar eyes him skeptically for a moment, but the sound of a boiling kettle attracts both of their attentions. Farzeen then excuses himself to turn off the kettle, but instead goes to the backroom to bring Cyrus out. In a panic, Farzeen tells Cyrus the man he spoke of has finally come. Cyrus insists he can help, but Farzeen hastily uses his last and final wish to send him to a far-off land as Jafar bursts in to grab for the bottle, but it disappears into thin air. Furious, Jafar demands to know where he sent the bottle. Farzeen has no idea, and for his incompetency, Jafar begins choking the life out of him. Then, he asks him what Farzeen wishes for. Gasping for breath, Farzeen manages to choke out "mercy", but Jafar agrees neither of them will get what they want today, and kills him. ("Trust Me")


Production Notes

  • The casting call describes him as, "a 40-year-old Middle Eastern man who sells scarves."[2]