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Did my carriage splash you?
Evil Queen to Belle src

The Evil Queen's Carriages are vehicles featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the first episode of the first season.


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Before First Curse

In the Enchanted Forest, the Queen Regina's carriage stops at a woodland area where a marriage ceremony is currently taking place. Regina interrupts the happy couple and punishes them by ripping out the groom's heart, as they did not ask for her permission to conduct the ceremony on her lands. Standing nearby is her father Henry who tries to calm her down since he is aware today is the anniversary of her beloved Daniel's death. Regina becomes irritated at his reminder and crushes the groom's heart, killing him, before walking back into her carriage and telling her father to find his own way home. ("Mother")

Neverending in her quest to kill her stepdaughter Snow White whom she blames for Daniel's death, Regina is lounging in palace when she receives word from her guards that they still haven't found where the girl is, despite searching everywhere. Even so, she presses for the search to continue. At night, she travels by carriage through the Forest of the Dead, where her horses are startled by a mysterious hooded figure in the road. With the carriage overturned and her guards incapacitated, she crawls out of the wreckage with a dislocated shoulder. While healing herself, she catches a glimpse of the hooded man and mistakes him for Daniel, leading her to follow him deeper into the woods. She falls into a trap made by the man, who is actually Daniel's older brother William, who seeks revenge on her for his brother's death. After accidentally killing William, Regina returns to her palace, where she renews her vow to Daniel to murder Snow White. She then calls for another carriage to be prepared as the search for Snow White presses on. ("Out of the Past")

At a village where Snow White was purportedly staying at before fleeing, Regina steps out of her carriage to menace the residents, warning them of the pain she will inflict on them if they do not disclose Snow White's whereabouts. ("Snow Drifts")

Shortly after Belle leaves Rumplestiltskin's castle to walk to town on an errand, Regina's carriage catches up with her on the road. As Regina accompanies Belle and suggests she can break Rumplestiltskin's curse with a kiss of true love, the carriage and Regina's Black Knights follow closely behind them. Regina's advice ends up having dire consequences, with Rumplestiltskin kicking Belle out of his castle after she attempts to give him true love's kiss. ("Skin Deep")

Some days later, Regina tracks down Belle in a faraway land and obstructs the girl's path with the carriage before trapping her in a jail cell. ("The Outsider")

One day, while Regina is traveling in her carriage through a path in the woods, one of her Black Knights catches two wandering children, Hansel and Gretel, and pulls them to the door of the carriage. Regina opens the door and questions the siblings on what they are doing in her forest. ("True North")

On the road, Regina is on horseback while her carriage and knights accompany her. Unbeknownst to her, lurking in the woods nearby, Snow White prepares to shoot her with an arrow, due to her heart being darkened after ingesting a forgetting potion. Regina passes by unharmed, however, as Prince Charming stops Snow before she can loose her arrow. ("Heart of Darkness")

Following Snow White's awakening from the Sleeping Curse, Regina gives her an ultimatum to relinquish her claim to the throne by sundown tomorrow or she will kill those loyal to Snow as retribution. Regina arrives by carriage the next day fully expecting to receive Snow's surrender, but Snow announces her intentions of defying her. ("Lost Girl")

As Jefferson and his daughter Grace are playing hide-and-seek in the woods, they see the Queen's carriage is outside their cottage. Jefferson, alarmed at the sight, tells Grace to stay back while he goes inside to speak with Regina. ("Hat Trick")

After Regina loses the ability to kill Snow White because of Rumplestiltskin's protection spell, Rumplestiltskin shows up to remind her that the spell in question only works in the Enchanted Forest. Regina, recalling the power of the Dark Curse and how it can circumvent the spell, she begins scheming and then calls for a carriage so she can pay Snow White and her husband-to-be Prince Charming at their wedding. ("The Cricket Game")

Wanting to know why her first attempt at casting the Dark Curse failed, Regina rides her carriage through a snowy mountain to reach Rumplestiltskin's castle to get answers from him. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Having hired a pirate named Hook to kill her mother Cora, Regina wants to test if he is prepared for the job by eliminating any weaknesses he has. She uses her carriage to catch up to him on the road and tells him of her plans. ("Swan Song")

Shortly succeeding in casting the Dark Curse on her second attempt, Regina rides in her carriage to Snow White's castle. On the way, she teleports to Rumplestiltskin's cell to have one last chat with him. ("Pilot", "Save Henry")

During Alternate Reality
After the Author Isaac rewrites everyone's stories in the Heroes and Villains book, Regina becomes a thief on the run from her stepmother, Queen Snow White, who hates her for telling a secret and causing her true love James' death. Living in the woods, she tries to rob from the Queen's carriages and gain enough to leave the kingdom, but another thief named Robin Hood often steals her prizes first. Henry, her son from the actual world, attempts to persuade her that the world she is currently living in is not real by showing her the Heroes and Villains book. Instead, she is alarmed at the book's contents that state she will rob one of the Queen's carriages later, which is exactly what she intended to do. Later in the day while trying to ambush the royal carriage, Regina unexpectedly faces Snow White, who demands Henry's location, as she believes the boy is Regina's ally. ("Operation Mongoose Part 1")


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