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Eric Keenleyside is the Canadian actor who portrays Maurice and Moe French on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Eric Kennleyside was born on October 11, 1957 in the town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick[1] and grew up in London, Ontario and Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from the University of Windsor, he apprenticed at the Stratford Festival.[2]

Eric has over a hundred film and television projects, but his real love is in theatre work; having been part of the Arts Club Theatre Company's production of It's a Wonderful Life for the past few years and in the cast of Death of a Salesman at the Vancouver Playhouse. In 2012, he and comedian Billy Mitchell held weekly acting classes at the Tsawwassen Arts Centre.[3]

He and his wife, Peg Christopherson,[4] became naturalized United States citizens after living in Los Angeles, California and in Lynden, Washington for many years before moving to Tsawwassen, British Columbia,[3] where they live with their two children, Madeleine and Nicholas.[2]



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