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On their wedding day, she gave him a set of matching lockets. They were enchanted to glow so they would always find each other, just as their hearts would.
Cinderella to Henry src

The Enchanted Lockets are magical items featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They appear in the eighth episode of the seventh season.


After Fourth Curse
In the New Enchanted Forest, when Cecelia marries Marcus, she gifts him a locket that matches her own, with both lockets having the ability to glow so they will always find each other. However, Rapunzel, Marcus' first wife who was believed to be dead, returns and later poisons Cecelia's heart to drive her away. This causes Cecelia to run away to New Wonderland to keep her family from being affected by her curse. Marcus follows her there, using his locket to track her to the entrance of the Infinite Maze, but when the pendant stops glowing, he gives up out of the belief she has stopped loving him. Years later, Cecelia is at a tea party in the Infinite Maze, where she meets a young woman named Alice, before they are attacked by a jabberwock. Cecelia fights back but is killed in the battle, leaving Alice as the sole survivor to slay the beast. In the aftermath, Cecelia's locket is left behind on the dining table. ("Pretty in Blue", "One Little Tear")

Years later, Ella and Henry travel to New Wonderland in search of Alice. Ella enters the maze and stumbles into a tea party, where Alice is hiding. When Ella spots her mother's locket on a teapot, Alice reveals Cecelia was killed by a jabberwock, but she left her family because she had the curse of the poisoned heart. As Ella realizes that Henry is in danger, her mother's pendant starts to glow, to which she makes it in time to save him from her stepsister, Drizella. Seeing both pendants glowing in sync, Ella reciprocates Henry's feelings for her by kissing him. ("Pretty in Blue")


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