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There's an enchanted compass. Cora seeks it. I'll help you obtain it before she does.
Hook to Emma Swan src

The Enchanted Compass is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the sixth episode of the second season.


After First Curse

After Emma Swan, Mary Margaret, Mulan, and Princess Aurora journey back to Safe Haven following their run-in with Cora at the castle, they find all the survivors dead with their hearts ripped out. Mary Margaret immediately suspects it is Cora's work. Though they find a "survivor", Emma sleuths out that he's an imposter. The man reveals himself as Hook and admits he was previously aligned with Cora, but wants to join their side. He shows them a beanstalk that must be climbed in order to reach the compass they need for the journey home to Storybrooke. Nonetheless, going up will be dangerous since a fearsome giant lives atop. Hook also reveals Cora took the ashes of the burnt magic wardrobe, which is another ingredient needed to make a portal. Due to a restriction that only allows himself and another person wearing a special bracelet to climb, Emma decides to go with him. Before she leaves, Mulan hands her a bag of poppy dust to use against the giant. After lulling the giant to sleep with the dust, they venture inside the being's home, which is filled with treasure. Emma spots the compass on top of a golden bird cage, but suddenly, the giant lunges in. Hook is buried under a large rock while Emma is squeezed within the giant's fist. Nearly blacking out, she bites his hand; causing him to drop her. Quickly, she drops a cage on him and demands the compass. Out of fear, he gives it to her, but believes she is going to kill him since all humans are vicious. She disagrees and begins leaving when he pulls himself out of the trap. However, because she spared his life, he punches out an exit for her as a favor. Emma considers that he owes her another favor since she didn't harm him while he was unconscious. Thus, he agrees to help her stall Hook after she climbs down the beanstalk. Before leaving, Emma shows Hook the compass, but cuffs him in place since she doesn't trust him. ("The Doctor", "Tallahassee")

Hook, having just completed his climb down from the beanstalk, is greeted by Cora, who accosts him about using her bracelets without her. Hook claims he meant to take the compass for both of them, but when Cora learns he lost it to Emma, she no longer trusts him. Severing their alliance, Cora then commands the deceased Safe Haven survivors, using their ripped out hearts, to rise and attack Emma's group. During the conflict, one of the undead manage to grab the compass, though Mary Margaret stops it with a well-aimed arrow. While Mulan is overwhelmed by the monsters, Aurora is kidnapped and imprisoned in the haven's cell. By raven, Cora asks for the compass in exchange for Aurora's life. Mulan wishes to save Aurora right away, but allows until sundown for Emma and Mary Margaret to think of an alternative plan. Fetching some more poppy dust, Mary Margaret is then induced into a deep sleep and enters the Netherworld to communicate with Henry about how to stop Cora. She promises if it doesn't work, they will hand over the compass so Aurora is saved. However, while Emma is watching over a sleeping Mary Margaret, Mulan runs off with the compass. Once Mary Margaret awakens, they chase down Mulan. A scuffle ensues between Mary Margaret and Mulan, which is broken up by Aurora, who escaped after Hook released her. Recalling her time in the Netherworld, Mary Margaret states they need squid ink from Rumplestiltskin's old cell to defeat Cora, so the foursome begin heading to their destination. ("Into the Deep")

At the cell, Mulan finds an empty container with no squid ink. Manipulated by Cora's possession of her heart, Aurora activates the closing of the cell door, which entraps them inside. Cora then swiftly teleports the compass in Emma's hand to her own palm. She and Hook leave for Lake Nostos, in which the dry lake bed is restored and the ashes of the magic wardrobe are dumped in. As a portal forms, the two hold onto the compass in preparation to jump in. Suddenly, a stray arrow shot by Mary Margaret flings the compass into the sand. After re-obtaining Aurora's heart, Mulan departs from the battle early. At one point, Emma fights a losing duel with Hook only to reach for the compass hidden in the sand beneath her. She knocks him out and then prevents Cora from stealing Mary Margaret's heart. Together, Emma and Mary Margaret grab onto the compass and leap into the portal home-bound for Storybrooke. ("Queen of Hearts")


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