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I paid a wizard for that cloak. It keeps her from turning but she doesn't wear it.
Granny to Snow White src

The Enchanted Cloak is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the first season.

The enchanted cloak is based on Red Riding Hood's cloak from the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood".


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Reason: Origin of the cloak according to Red's Untold Tale

Before First Curse

Some time ago, in the Enchanted Forest, Widow Lucas recognizes her granddaughter, Red Riding Hood, has inherited the werewolf shape shifting gene passed down in their family. Procuring a magic cloak from the wizard Knubbin, Granny gives the cloak Red for her thirteenth birthday. She always reminds Red Riding Hood to wear it. However, her granddaughter believes it is just an ordinary cloak since Widow Lucas never tells her about the shape shifting ability. While Red Riding Hood begins a budding romance with the blacksmith's son, Peter, she also transforms into a fearsome wolf during the night without realizing it. Soon, the mayor sends men to kill the beast, but they are murdered by the wolf. Red Riding Hood befriends Snow White, and after conducting their own investigation, they suspect the wolf may be Peter. During the night, Snow White masquerades as Red Riding Hood by wearing the cloak in bed while the latter talks to Peter about his condition. When the full moon rises, however, it is Red Riding Hood who turns into a wolf and kills him. Luckily, Granny arrives in time to knock her granddaughter unconscious with a silver arrow while Snow White throws the cloak onto her friend. Disheveled, Red Riding Hood, now in human form, discovers she is actually the wolf after seeing Peter's corpse. As another hunting party approaches to capture the wolf, she and Snow White flee. ("Red-Handed")

Eluding the hunters, the two women lay low in the woods. Noticing her cloak is torn, Red Riding Hood fears transforming again. Afraid of harming Snow White, she sends her away, though the latter promises to come back. In the morning, Red Riding, relieved the cloak's magic held, takes it off and goes to wash up at a stream. Another shape shifting werewolf, Quinn, steals the cloak and intends to burn it, but she stops him from doing so. Later, he takes Red Riding Hood to see his leader as well as her mother, Anita, who teaches her to stop depending on the cloak and embrace the wolf inside. By chance, Snow White stumbles into the werewolves' den and regroups with Red Riding Hood, who reassures her pack members that her friend is harmless. However, the Queen's guards, in pursuit of Snow White, storm in. A battle ensues, with Quinn being one of the casualties, which devastates Anita. Blaming Snow White for his death, Anita attempts to take her life, though Red Riding Hood interferes. During the dispute, mother and daughter shift into their wolf forms and attack each other. Soon, Anita accidentally impales herself on a spike as she accuses her daughter of siding with a human. Red Riding Hood attests to choosing herself because she is not a killer, and states that neither is Anita. After burying her mother, she resumes wearing the cloak and then leaves with Snow White. ("Child of the Moon")

On Snow White's request, Red Riding Hood arrives to the campsite of Prince Charles and Prince Charming to help them sneak into the Queen's palace and rescue Princess Leia. Shortly after meeting them, she strips off her cloak, to which Prince Charming gives her a questioning look. Only later, Red Riding Hood shifts into a wolf as they enter the prison. She deliberately attacks one of the guards while Prince Charming knocks him out. Having broken in as planned, Hook drops the cloak over wolf Red Riding Hood as she instantly reverts to human form. ("Snow Drifts")

After First Curse
After the breaking of the curse, Ruby spends her first curse free wolfs time in Storybrooke. Worried about transforming, she searches for her cloak to repel the shape shifting effects. Without her knowledge, Albert has already stolen it. As an alternative to keep her safe, Granny empties out a reworked freezer and lets Ruby spend the night in it. During the evening, Albert, in an effort to stir up trouble for temporary sheriff David, releases her from the freezer. While in wolf form, Ruby falls asleep in the forest. Albert then uses an ax to murder the town mechanic, Billy, and set her up as the murderer. In the morning, Ruby, with no recollection of the prior night, is found by David and Granny. Upon seeing Billy's dismembered corpse, Ruby believes she has killed another person again. The townspeople, rallied by Albert, demand that Ruby pay for Billy's death, though David and Granny still believe she has been framed. After some snooping round, they discover the murder weapon as well as the missing cloak in Albert's car. Hurrying to the town square, David and Granny catch wolf Ruby and Albert in a face-off. Reassured by David of her innocence, Ruby allows him to place the cloak on her. Later that evening, Ruby gives David her cloak and goes out to run in the woods as a wolf. ("Child of the Moon")


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