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It… It was dark magic. A candle that could restore your life by taking away someone else's.

Snow White to Queen Eva src

The Enchanted Candle is an item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fifteenth episode of the second season.


Before First Curse
Snow White's mother, Queen Eva, falls ill with a mysterious illness. Desperate to help her mother, she turns to magic by seeking out the Blue Fairy, an ally of Eva's. Little does she know, the onset of Eva's sudden sickness is because of poison given to her by Cora, who wishes the current Queen to die so her daughter Regina can become Queen in her place by marrying Snow White's father King Leopold. When Snow White goes into the woods to look for the Blue Fairy, Cora appears to her disguised as the fairy and gives her an item imbued with dark magic, the candle, telling her to sacrifice one life in order to save Eva. The fairy instructs the princess to whisper the name of the victim while holding the candle over the person, and then cautions her to never speak of their deal to anyone. Snow White, however, cannot bring herself to kill someone. After rejecting the offer, she returns to her mother's bedside, tearfully confessing to Eva about what transpired. Before dying, Eva praises her daughter for not taking a dark path in life, and she promises to always be with her as long as she has good in her heart. Following Eva's funeral, when all the mourners have already left the hall, the Blue Fairy flies into the room, before transforming back into Cora. Standing before Eva's bier, Cora speaks to her dead nemesis, vowing that she'll ruin her legacy by turning Snow White towards darkness. ("The Queen Is Dead")

After First Curse
Fatally wounded by Hook, an injured Mr. Gold is sheltered aboard a ship during the journey home to Storybrooke. While he is resting in the pawnshop, Mary Margaret grabs a blanket for him and sees the candle. He pushes her to use it to kill Cora so they can both be rid of the same nemesis. Mr. Gold instructs Mary Margaret to find Cora's heart hidden in a vault and hold the candle while whispering her name over it. Lastly, the heart needs to be put back in Cora's chest. Mary Margaret ends up sneaking to the vault while David, Emma and Neal are busy battling Cora and Regina in the pawnshop. After candle incantation is enacted, Cora senses something wrong with her heart and urges Regina to check the vault. Mary Margaret deceives Regina into believing that Cora can only truly love if her heart is restored. Before Cora kills Mr. Gold, Regina rushes back to shove the heart into her mother's chest. For the first time, Cora feels genuine love for Regina, but dies in her daughter's arms as the candle curse overtakes her body. Regina accuses Mr. Gold of the wrongdoing until a remorseful Mary Margaret bursts in, shouting for her not to place the heart into Cora, as the mayor realizes who the true culprit is. ("The Miller's Daughter")

During Second Curse
Determined to discover what Cora did to her own first-born child, Zelena, Regina takes the candle from Mr. Gold's pawnshop. The candle lost its magic after being used by Mary Margaret, but Regina uses it to hold a seance hoping to contact her mother in the afterlife. A portal to the world of the dead opens, but nothing comes out, and the gateway closes shortly after Hook bumps the table and a startled Mary Margaret withdraws her hands. This prompts Regina and her allies to believe Cora wants her secrets to remain unknown. Later, only Mary Margaret and Regina remain in the house when they hear a noise in an allegedly empty room. The two women open the door to reveal Cora's ghost, who briefly possesses Mary Margaret, revealing to her murderer the true circumstances of Zelena's abandonment. ("Bleeding Through")


Production Notes

  • According to Jane Espenson, the Enchanted Candle prop was the second version made for the show. She says that the first version was beautiful and intricately shaped, but looked like a pastry.[1]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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