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An arrow fired from this bow will get you exactly what you need. It always finds its target...
Rumplestiltskin to Snow White src

The Enchanted Bow is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the sixteenth episode of the first season.

The enchanted bow is based on Robin Hood's bow from the Robin Hood ballad.


Before First Curse

In Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West, Zelena, comes to possess an enchanted bow after assuming control of the Emerald castle since disposing of the Wizard of Oz. From the Enchanted Forest, a thief named Robin of Locksley arrives, under orders from Rumplestiltskin, to steal an elixir of the wounded heart from the Emerald castle, in exchange for clearing his tax debts. Although he disguises himself as one of Zelena's guards, she quickly realizes he is an outsider. With his cover blown, Robin grabs the enchanted bow from the room, but before he can fire at her, she has created two more illusions of herself to confuse him. As she figures out Rumplestiltskin sent him, Robin eyes the steam engine behind her and steadies his arrow on it. However, when she dissipates her illusions and throws a fireball at him, he dodges and releases the arrow. It flies around the room aimlessly until hitting Robin's intended target, the steam engine, which fogs up the entire room. While Zelena is distracted by the fog, he escapes with the bow. ("Heart of Gold")

With his wife, Marian, pregnant and very ill, Robin Hood glamours himself with a Six-Leaf Clover he has procured from Oz, hoping Rumplestiltskin won't recognize him, before breaking into the Dark One's castle to steal a healing wand. When Rumplestiltskin catches him stealing, Robin Hood looses an arrow from the enchanted bow, hitting him in the chest. Since the Dark One is immortal, the arrow has no effect on him. Taken as prisoner, Robin Hood is flogged by Rumplestiltskin until Belle frees him. Furious, Rumplestiltskin then forces Belle to come with him as he hunts down the thief with the bow. The pair find Robin Hood healing Marian with the wand, but Rumplestiltskin is still unwilling to let things settle. As he aims an arrow at Robin Hood, Belle convinces him out of it since Marian is pregnant, and killing her husband will make the child fatherless. Reminded of his own son, Rumplestiltskin's resolve weakens and he allows the arrow to hit the carriage instead, scaring the couple into fleeing. ("Lacey", "Heart of Gold")

Becoming bitter and vengeful due to a potion, Snow White plans to kill the Queen, and asks Rumplestiltskin how to do it. He gives her the enchanted bow and arrow that "always hits its mark" and shows her the best location on the map to shoot the Queen. When Snow White inquires about payment, Rumplestiltskin says that he does not want anything and is simply invested in her future. As Snow White is testing out the bow, Prince Charming sneaks up behind her. He embraces and kisses her, however, true love's kiss has no effect since she does not feel the same about him. Snow White finds him to be a nuisance, so she knocks him out and ties him to a tree. Jiminy chews through Prince Charming's binds and suggests since he cannot make Snow White remember him, perhaps he should help her remember who she is. As the Queen travels down the road, Snow White looses the arrow, but Prince Charming takes the hit instead. She is baffled why he would do such a thing, to which Prince Charming attests he'd rather die than see her become evil. Surprised, her expression softens and she leans in to kiss him, which breaks the potion's effects on herself. ("Heart of Darkness")


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