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I could have never, ever imagined that I would be doing this, with this show, playing this character that was created in cartoon version. It's just been the most exciting time of my life.
—Elizabeth Lail src

Elizabeth Lail is the American actress who portrays Anna on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Elizabeth Dean Lail[2] was born in Asheboro, North Carolina to her parents, Kay Surratt[3] and Dean Lail.[4] She has one sister, Kathryn.[3][5] After graduating from Asheboro High School,[6] Elizabeth began studying acting at the University of North Carolina in 2010, and finished school in May 2014.[4] She has worked in mostly student film productions such as Model Airplane and Without.[7] Since finishing university, Elizabeth moved to New York to pursue stage work when she landed an audition for Once Upon a Time and was cast as Anna.[8]



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