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It does exactly what it says. It cures wounded hearts — physically, emotionally... It's powerful stuff.

Rumplestiltskin to Robin Hood src

The Elixir of the Wounded Heart is a magic potion featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the seventeenth episode of the fourth season.


Before First Curse

After ascending to power at the Emerald Palace in Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West comes to possess an elixir, which can cure physical and emotional wounds of the heart. Unable to appear before Zelena without incurring her ire, Rumplestiltskin tasks a former thief, Robin of Locksley, with stealing the potion in exchange for clearing his tax debts. Arriving to Oz by portal, Robin meets Will, who agrees not to alert the guards if he brings him some of the elixir as well. Disguised as guard, Robin sneaks into the Emerald Palace and begins filling up two vial with elixir. When Zelena demands why he is stealing from her, he drops the second vial in surprise. He then makes the mistake of greeting and saluting her, not knowing her guards never speak to her, causing his cover to be blown. Grabbing an enchanted bow from the room, he prepares to fire, only to see she has created two more illusions of herself. After dodging Zelena's fireball, Robin lets the arrow fly, as the shaft eventually hits a steam engine. With the room fogged up, he escapes, with the elixir. Returning to Will, Robin lies about not getting any of the potion, since he only has one vial of it. However, when he discovers Will wanted the elixir to relieve his heartbreak over his sister's death, Robin secretly slips it to him. After Robin has left for home, Will discovers the potion in his pocket, much to his surprise. ("Heart of Gold")

After Second Curse

On Zelena's orders, Walsh keeps an eye on Emma in New York City. As a precaution, she supplies him with various potions and charms, with one of them being the elixir of the wounded heart. Due to his dark deeds as the Dark One, Mr. Gold's heart is poisoned, and without magic to protect him, he suffers a heart attack. With the elixir as his only hope of recovering, he coerces Robin Hood into fetching it from Walsh's old furniture store. After breaking in, the alarm goes off, alerting the police, who arrive a short time later. Luckily, Robin Hood finds the potion in time and escapes out a back window. Zelena, disguised as Robin Hood's wife Marian, is upset when she discovers he is helping Mr. Gold. With her own plan in mind, she secretly switches the potion with a fake one. Once Robin Hood delivers the elixir to Mr. Gold, he leaves, as the latter downs the magic liquid. Upon discovering it's not working, he panics, and his alarm increases when Marian walks in carrying the real elixir. Revealing herself as Zelena, she relates escaping her own death while Mr. Gold suffers another heart attack. Later, he awakens on a ventilator as Zelena teases him about his circumstances. Desiring a happy ending, Zelena agrees to forfeit the elixir if Mr. Gold helps get the Author to write her one. With no other choice, he agrees to the deal. ("Heart of Gold")


Props Notes

  • The container with the Elixir of the Wounded Heart, is engraved with the words "cor aut mors",[1] Latin for "heart or death". ("Heart of Gold")