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The Edge of Realms. Where time stops and the sun sets brightest in all the lands.

Mr. Gold to Belle src

The Edge of Realms is a world on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the fourth episode of the seventh season.

The Edge of Realms is an allusion to Paradise Falls from the Disney/Pixar film Up.


After Fourth Curse

To find a way to get the Darkness out of Mr. Gold so that he will no longer possess the ability of immortality, Belle shows him a fairy prophecy she translated, in which it states that after the Dark One finds eternal love, his dark powers can be removed only when the sun is at its brightest and that it sets in the Edge of Realms where time is frozen. Mr. Gold recognizes that it may take an unknown amount of time for the sun to actually set, and Belle insists they can build a new home there as they wait. However, Belle remains secretive about one final piece of the prophecy, in that it was not about the sun in the sky, but the figurative "sun" in the Dark One's life: her. She realizes from this that she not only has to die for Mr. Gold's desire to be mortal to come true but that also Mr. Gold must believe the power of their love will persist even after her death. After their house is finished being built, Mr. Gold carries Belle over the threshold. ("Beauty")

As Belle continues to age while her husband remains immortal, the couple is occasionally visited by Gideon during the years he returns home to see them and then return to school. Several years after this, Belle is now an elderly woman as Mr. Gold is still youthful as ever. Belle steps onto a stool as she reaches for the window curtains, and she looks back to smile at her husband before pulling them open, only to lose her balance and fall. Mr. Gold catches her in time, though he panics as she seemingly passes out from exhaustion. After moving his wife to the couch, he tries to convince her to allow him to use the dagger on her just this once so she can be cured of whatever ailment she has. Instead, Belle comes clean about the part of the prophecy she omitted and explains what he must do after her death in order to be led back to her. Seeing how afraid he is of living without her, Belle retells the story of how they fell in love and all the times they were separated before being reunited, as a way to reassure him that if he lets her go now, it won't be the last time he ever sees her again. As she dies, Mr. Gold weeps over her still body. Gideon later returns to the Edge of Realms to pay his respects at his mother's gravesite, where he offers to put an end to his father's life so he can join Belle in death, however, Mr. Gold opts to wait for the day he can relinquish his powers to the Guardian and be reunited with his beloved, and finds his way to the New Enchanted Forest. ("Beauty")


For detailed location information, please see the list of minor Edge of Realms locations.


On-Screen Notes

  • According to Mr. Gold, the Edge of Realms is located "on the outermost reaches of existence". ("Beauty")
  • Mr. Gold also states that the normal rules of time and space do not apply in this place, and suggests that an eternity spent there could equate to "the blink of an eye" in other worlds. ("Beauty")
    • This appears to be accurate, as Mr. Gold and Belle spend many years in here, in which Belle becomes an old woman. However, when their son Gideon visits, he doesn't appear to have aged. ("Beauty")

Props Notes




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