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Eagle Egilsson is an episode director for ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Egill Örn Egilsson, better known as Eagle Egilsson, was born in Reykjavík, Iceland, and studied filmmaking at Columbia College Hollywood, a Los Angeles-based film school. As a cinematographer, he is perhaps best known for his work on The Wire, CSI: Miami (where he was also a co-producer), Dark Blue and numerous television commercials and music videos. In 2008, he directed the Heroes spin-off miniseries Heroes: Destiny.

Since 2011, Egill has mostly worked as a director. He directed numerous episodes of The CW action series Nikita, including the series finale, as well as episodes of Fringe, Alcatraz and Dark Blue. Egill was also a frequent director on seasons 4-6 of CSI: Miami, "Gotham" and has directed several episodes of the original CSI series, among others.

Egill is a four-time nominee for the American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards, and carried home the award in the television category in 2010 for the Dark Blue episode "Venice Kings", which he also directed. Later that year, he became the first Icelander to be admitted into the ASC, at the age of 44.

Egill lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children.



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