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This page is the image gallery for Dwarves. Feel free to add images, that are relevant to the topic, to the proper section. If you need any help, please see our image policies.
Season One


"The Price of Gold"

"7:15 A.M."


114LightToTheWorld.png 114WillBringJoy.png 114ComeOn.png 114YourTeam.png 114GrabAnAx.png 114FirstAx.png 114HappyGetsAx.png 114DocGetsAx.png 114Atchoo!.png 114SleepyGetsAx.png 114DopeyLooksAtAx.png 114LastOne.png 114AxesNeverLie.png 114GetReadyFolks!.png 114RestOfYourLives.png 114DwarvesWhistle.png 114ConveyorBelt.png 114ThankYou.png 114Recognization.png 114SawInMyDreams.png 114YoungForMyAge.png 114TheFairyDust!.png 114Saved.png 114SoClumsy.png 114ImNova.png 114ItsBeautiful.png 114HaveAGoodTime.png 114CupidsArrow.png 114Tavern.png 114Asleep.png 114WhatsTheMatter.png 114YourFood.png 114FromAPickAx.png 114InLove.png 114OnTheHilltop.png 114ReachingOut.png 114AreThoseTheFireFlies.png 114Underground.png 114Boat.png 114DreamComeTrue.png 114Leaving2.png 114Caught.png 114SneakOut.png 114ShouldveComeToMe.png 114Awake.png 114Yawn.png 114SayingGoodbye.png 114WhereAreYouGoing.png 114LiveOurLivesHere.png 114MightComeInHandy.png 114GroupHug.png 114CantDoThis.png 114WhyNot.png 114IfYoureWrong.png 114NotWrong.png 114NotEndWell.png 114Magic.png 114Telescope.png 114Glimpse.png 114BelongInTheMines.png 114DwarfAndFairy.png 114MyHappiness.png 114Rejected2.png 114DreamysBack.png 114WheresMyAx.png 114Dreamy2.png 114HeighHo.png 114Confusion.png 114AxNotWorking.png </gallery>

"Heart of Darkness"

"The Stranger"

"An Apple Red as Blood"

Season Two

"Queen of Hearts"

"The Cricket Game"

"The Outsider"

Season Three

"Lost Girl"

"The New Neverland"

"New York City Serenade"

"Witch Hunt"

"A Curious Thing"

Season Four

"Best Laid Plans"

"Operation Mongoose Part 1"

"Operation Mongoose Part 2"

Season Five

"Souls of the Departed"


Season Six


"Wish You Were Here"


Season Seven

"Leaving Storybrooke"

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