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This article focuses on the Enchanted Forest location.
For the Storybrooke location, see Storybrooke Mines.

Okay, folks. Grab a lantern and move out. Today is the first day of the rest of your lives. Welcome to the mines!

Bossy to his fellow Dwarves src

The Dwarf Mines are an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts in the fourteenth episode of the first season.

The dwarf mines are based on the mines from the first edition[1] of the "Snow White" fairytale, and the diamond mine from the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


Before First Curse

In the mines, eight dwarf eggs near their hatching hour. From high above the clouds, a fairy named Nova accidentally spills some precious fairy dust, which ends up being absorbed by one of the dwarf eggs. When the egg begins to move, the head dwarf, Bossy, points out that it's far too early, but he's proven wrong when a new dwarf hatches. Bossy wishes him welcome to the world. The other seven eggs soon hatch new dwarves as well, and all eight of them are sent off to get cleaned up and fitted for clothing. Later, Bossy instructs the first hatched dwarf about his purpose, which is to mine for diamonds and create fairy dust from them. The dwarf inquiries about a beautiful woman he saw in a dream, but Bossy huffs that there is no such thing as female dwarves. Once all eight dwarves are cleaned up, they are handed their own special pick ax, which materializes with each of their own personal names. When the nameless dwarf is given the name Dreamy from his ax handle, Bossy assures him that the ax never lies. Afterwards, they all head into the mines to start their jobs.

A year later, Dreamy has become accustomed to daily work in the mines. One day, Nova flies into the mines to turn on a switch and fill her bag with fairy dust. She works herself into a panic when the machine switch jams until Dreamy comes to her aid. In relief, Nova thanks him, while Dreamy is agape as he recognizes her as the same woman in his dream. They chat for a bit, but trouble brews when Nova sets down her bag and it gets scooped up into the assembly line headed for the furnace. After a few paralyzing seconds, Dreamy climbs up; managing to grab the bag before it is incinerated. Nova is deeply grateful for his help while disappointed in her own clumsiness as she wishes to become a fairy godmother. Dreamy thinks she will make a great one, which makes her smile. She introduces herself to him and casually invites him to Firefly Hill to see the fireflies with her at night, but he fails to get the subtle hint, and she leaves, disheartened.

Later that night, Dreamy and Nova meet again. They fall in love and plan to run away together. However, the next night, Dreamy is forced to break up with her and returns to the mines. When Dreamy's ax breaks, Bossy supplies him with a new one, which gives Dreamy the new name Grumpy. ("Dreamy")

When Snow White's wish to help her unborn daughter Emma to have a chance of a happy ending is granted by the Blue Fairy, the Evil Queen finds herself under the wish's effects, which causes her to sing when she doesn't want to. During a portion of the queen's song, she enter the dwarf mines and terrorizes the dwarves and breaks Grumpy's pick ax. ("The Song in Your Heart")


Filming Locations


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


  1. According to the first edition of the "Snow White" fairytale from 1812/1815, which can be read here, the dwarves dug for gold in the mines (source). For the 1857 edition, which can be read here, Wilhelm Grimm added the detail that they mined for ore and gold in the mountains (source); no mines are mentioned.
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