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5 09 King Fergus visit a Witch and asks her for help in leading his kingdom. The witch gives him an Enchanted Helm, which will make his men follow him into battle. However, Fergus chooses not to use it, and gets his army to fight because they believe in him. On the battlefield, a mysterious man who is after the helmet, sneaks up on him. His daughter, Merida, sees it, and tries to kill the attacker with an arrow, but her shot misses, and Fergus is killed.
There is a gap in the timeline here of 2 years.
The United Clans decide Merida is unfit to rule DunBroch since she is a woman, and they rebel against her by kidnapping her three younger brothers. (mentioned in "The Dark Swan")
5 01 Merida sets out to rescue her brothers.
5 06 In Camelot, Merida meets a woman named Belle. Believing Belle will be useful to her because of her magic knowledge, Merida takes the girl with her on a boat to DunBroch. At the Witch's Cottage, Belle helps make a spell to see the location of Merida's brothers, who are set to be executed by the three clans, in order to secure the throne for themselves. In order to beat the clans, Merida has Belle make a transfiguration potion for turning into a bear. Belle however, believes that Merida can use her archery skills to prove herself, and secretly switches out the potion with water. When they reach the place where the United Clans have gathered, the clans release three arrows to kill her brothers. Since the "potion" failed, Merida has only her bow and arrow to rely on, and looses a single arrow that cuts off all three arrows before they hit their targets. The clansmen kneel in recognition of her as Queen.
5 09 On the day of Merida's coronation, the old witch bursts in, asking Merida to return the magic helm that King Fergus got from her in the past. She warns that if the helm is not returned by sundown tomorrow, she'll turn everyone into bears. During the quest to find the missing helm, Merida is confronted by King Arthur and Zelena, who traveled from Camelot to DunBroch to locate the lost helm. Merida discovers that Arthur was the knight who killed Fergus. To keep him from stealing the helm, she duels him, with Arthur retreating after Lord Macintosh, Dingwall and MacGuffin back her up. After Merida is crowned, she refuses to return the helm, to which the old witch congratulates her on passing the test, as the helm she once gave Fergus had no magic in it at all, and in both cases, both she and her father gained confidence to lead DunBroch without resorting to magic.

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