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Believe me, when Arendelle learns the truth about her, they shall side with me.

—The Duke of Weselton to Helga src

The Duke of Weselton is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the seventh episode of the fourth season and is portrayed by guest star Jonathan Runyon.

The Duke of Weselton is based on the character of the same name from the Disney film, Frozen.


Before First Curse

During the King of Arendelle's seventieth birthday celebration, the Duke of Weselton visits and becomes enamored with Helga, one of the three Arendelle princesses. Helga presents him to her father, and, afterwards, the Duke shares a dance with her. When they begin a courtship, he comes across Helga's eldest sister, Ingrid, who is heir to the throne. After the Duke introduces himself, she moves to find Helga. However, he stops Ingrid and remarks on her incredible beauty. As he makes advances on her, Ingrid rebuffs him, and out of panic, she blasts him away with ice magic. While he is sprawled on the ground, an unsuspecting Helga arrives. To cover up his failed seduction, the Duke explains to Helga that Ingrid attempted to win his romantic affection, but, when he refused her, she used magic on him. However plausible the lie is, an unamused Helga rejects him as she knows the kind of man he is. Enraged, the Duke threatens to expose Ingrid to everyone in Arendelle because he believes the people deserve to know their future queen is a monster. At this, an angered Ingrid attempts to blast him, but the Duke uses Helga as a shield and she takes the magical hit while the Duke escapes. ("The Snow Queen")

Later, his mind is wiped out of the incident and of both sisters' existence due to Grand Pabbie, who produces a memory potion on behalf of Gerda, the only remaining princess and heir to the throne following Ingrid's imprisonment in a magic urn. ("The Snow Queen")


Production Notes

  • He is described as, "a pompous prince who beneath his veneer of confidence-slash-arrogance is not much more than a coward ill-equipped to handle conflict".[1]


Costume Notes



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