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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: Enchanted Forest, sky. Past. Nova is flying with a bag of Fairy Dust as the Blue Fairy looks on. Nova comes crashing down into the clouds.

Blue Fairy: Easy!
Nova: Sorry.
Blue Fairy: Careful! Careful. Fairy dust is the most (Nova goes to put the fairy dust down and the Blue Fairy reaches forward nervously) precious substance in all the land. Its magic is what powers the world. This is the year's supply. We must be cautious.
Nova: (She nods her head) I know.
Blue Fairy: Because next year, you'll be doing this alone.
Nova: I'll still be picking up dust? I thought I'd be a fairy godmother by then.
Blue Fairy: (She laughs.) Oh, Nova. You really are a dreamer. Your journey is just beginning. Can you make it home from the mines with all the dust safe? (Nova nods her head.) Okay. (She flies away.)
Nova: Oh! (She grabs the fairy dust and flies after the Blue Fairy. As she does this, some of the fairy dust spills out of the bag. It spirals down into a hole in the ground.)

SCENE: In the mine nursery, the fairy dust falls on a dwarf egg. The egg starts moving. Watchy notices the egg moving.

Watchy: This one's ready.
Bossy: No, it's too early, Watchy.
Watchy: (He starts using a stethoscope on the egg.)
Bossy: This unit isn't scheduled to hatch till sundown.
Watchy: Well, someone's eager to get out before the rest of his brothers. (The egg starts making a cracking noise. Bossy and Watchy back away.A dwarf cracks the eggshell and peers out, with a happy grin on his face.)
Bossy: Welcome to the world, dwarf.(The dwarf is still grinning)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Inside Granny's Diner. Leroy is having breakfast. Walter and Mr. Clark walk in.

Mr.Clark: Excuse me, Leroy. Uh, do you mind scooting over a seat so Walter and I can sit together?
Leroy: If I wanted to sit there I would've sat there. If you want a seat try dragging your sorry asses out of bed a little earlier.
Mr.Clark: You're a real ray of sunshine as--(He sneezes on Leroy's food)
Leroy: Congrats. Just lost my appetite. (He begins to leave.) Seat's all yours. (He starts leaving and Mary Margaret enters.
Mary Margaret: (Clears her throat) Excuse me. (Clears her throat again) Can I have everyone's attention, please? (The camera reveals that Emma is there too, reading the news and goes back to Mary Margaret.) I'm sorry to interrupt your morning but I just wanted to remind everyone that a very special occasion is upon us. Miner's Day. (Everyone is listening) As always the nuns of storybrooke are hoping that everyone will get involved and will help sell their exquisite candles. (Mr.Clark and Leroy are listening too) All we need are a few energetic volunteers. So who wants to join me? (Nobody is interested an starts eating and talking again. Emma looks let down. Leroy walks up to Mary Margaret) Leroy, you wanna volunteer?
Leroy: I wanna leave, sister. You're blocking the door.
Mary Margaret: Of course. Uh...You know, if you wanted to help it could really be a--
Leroy: Oh yeah, right. Quite a team we'd make. Town harlot, town drunk. The only person in this town people like less than me is you. If You're coming to me, you're screwed. (He leaves)
Mary Margaret: (She has a disappointed look on her face and walks out the door. Emma follows after her.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Outside Granny's Diner. Street. Mary Margaret is walking and Emma rushes beside her. They start walking.

Emma: Hey. Mind if I join you? So, what the hell is Miner's Day and why are you beating yourself up over it?
Mary Margaret: (In a sad voice)It's an annual holiday celebrating an old tradition. The nuns used to make candles and trade them with the miners for coal.
Emma: Coal? In Maine? If they were mining lobster I'd understand.
Mary Margaret: Look, I don't know. Now they use it as a fundraiser. It's an amazing party. Everyone loves it.
Emma: It doesn't seem like everyone loves it.
Mary Margaret: It's not miners day- it's me. Last week I had 10 volunteers. This week they all dropped out.
Emma: You think this is about what happened with David?
Mary Margaret: Oh, I know it is. A few of them told me as much. I've never...been a homewrecker before.
Emma: It's gonna roll over. You made a mistake with David. It happens. You don't have to do charity to win people's hearts back.
Mary Margaret: I have to do something. And this is the best I can do. I've ruined my life.
Emma: (Phone rings) Oh. (She answers it) Sheriff Swan. (She listens) Yeah, I'll be right down (She cuts the call). (To Mary Margaret) Well, apparently duty calls. (They stop walking. She looks at Mary Margaret) Hang in there. And if there's anything I can do to help, I will.
Mary Margaret: Oh. Thank you.(Emma leaves)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. A banner reads "Miner's Day Is Here !" A nun is painting it. Leroy walks in. Glitter spills on him.

Nun: (On the ladder)Oh. I'm so sorry. It just slipped out of my hand. I...
Leroy: (He smiles) No problem at all.
Nun: I really am so sorry. (gets down the ladder and starts brushing the glitter off of Leroy) I-I was so busy trying to get the lights to work that I didn't realize I was about to knock it off the ladder.(stops brushing the glitter off)
Leroy: Let me take a look at those lights for ya. (He climbs up the ladder) Here's your problem. You're overloading the transformer. You can't mess around with these lights. The whole thing could've blown up on ya.
Nun: Oh. Then I guess that makes you my hero.
Leroy: I'm nobody's hero, sister.
Nun: Oh. (Chuckles) You...can just call me Astrid.
Leroy: I call everybody sister. I'm Leroy.(He switches the lights on)
Astrid: (Gasps) How did you do that? (Leroy chuckles) Are you an electrician?
Leroy: (Begins getting off the ladder) I'm in the custodial services game.
Astrid: That's...wonderful.
Leroy: No, it's not. What I really wanted to do was sail. I even bought a boat. It's a real clunker. I was gonna fix it up, sail around the world, say good-bye to this hellhole. Oh, I'm sorry sister.
Astrid: It's okay. You know, someone once told me "You can do anything as long as you can dream it."
Leroy: You really think so?
Astrid: Sure! Look how easily you fixed those lights. I bet you could do anything. Oh.(Starts brushing off glitter from his moustache) I should, uh, get back to the volunteer center. Nice to meet you, Leroy. (She leaves. Leroy is smiling. She looks back at Leroy multiple times, almost bumping into people. Leroy is smiling)

SCENE: Storybrooke town line. The sheriff's car is parked in front of a car crash. Emma is taking pictures of the interior of the crashed car. She searches the car. Sidney drives to the scene. He walks to Emma

Sidney: Mind if I take a look, too?
Emma: What for?
Sidney: Well, just because I got fired from 'The Mirror', doesn't mean I can't do a little freelance reporting. (He takes a picture of the car. Emma closes the passenger back door of the car.) So, what do we got here?
Emma: (They walk around the car, taking pictures of it, while talking) Gym teacher found this thing on the side of the road, abandoned, engine running, nobody around. Registered to Kathryn Nolan. She's MIA.
Sidney: Kathryn Nolan? Whose husband very publicly left her? (Emma opens the left back seat of the car). I mean the story writes itself. If I get a scoop like that, the daily mirror would have no choice but to take me back.
Emma: Calm down, tiger. You don't work for Regina anymore. Kathryn got accepted to a law school at Boston. Maybe after David dumped her, she decided to leave town. Car broke down, she hitched the rest of the way. That's what I would do if I was running away from my problems.

Wait... What happens next?!
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