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Please, help yourself to any of the equipment, but... um... steer clear of the refrigerator. It's not food in there.
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Dr. Whale's Garage is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the third episode of the sixth season.


After Third Curse

At some point, Dr. Whale takes on his old name, Frankenstein, and turns his garage into a lab where he conducts his scientific experiments. Snow and Regina bring Dr. Jekyll here to introduce him to the doctor so they can work together to recreate a serum to defeat Jekyll's evil half, Mr. Hyde. Jekyll goes over to shake Frankenstein's hand, and as the two men are chatting with each other, Snow and Regina quietly observe them from the sidelines. Inspired by seeing the two doctors teaming up for a purpose, Snow tells Regina of her suggestion to have both of them on the first-graders' science faculty at school. ("The Other Shoe")

Provided with all the necessary lab equipment to make the serum, Jekyll spends time in the garage working on it, but needs Mr. Gold's magic to complete it. Regina leaves to find Mr. Gold, and in her absence, Leroy and Doc keep Jekyll company. Jekyll asks Leroy to fetch him a mutton sandwich with extra pickles from Granny's, which the dwarf does grudgingly. When Hyde arrives with the Evil Queen, Leroy and Doc attempt to fight back with their pickaxes, but the Queen subdues them by putting them to sleep. Hyde then steals the serum from Jekyll and obliterates it, while also putting a decoy in place of some of the serum that Jekyll has in a separate vial. After the villains are gone, Regina returns with Mr. Gold, who rips out Jekyll's heart so they will forfeit the serum vial to him. Regina complies in order to save Jekyll's life, and after Mr. Gold has gotten what he wanted, he tosses the heart back to her. ("Strange Case")


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