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Oh, what a beautiful home!
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Donna and Stephen's Cottage is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the fifth episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

At nightfall, two thieves and con artists, Myrna and Martin, and their son Jiminy, arrive at the cottage and knock on the door. When the young couple who lives there, Donna and Stephen, open the door, Myrna flatters them by referring to them as "beautiful young people", while Jiminy asks the couple if they have places in their hearts for an honest man and his elderly parents. The couple invite them in and Donna offers to heat up some broth, while Myrna and Martin compliment their home. While being served a hot meal, Myrna speaks of a nearby town being hit by a plague, and the only reason she, Martin and Jiminy are immune is due to their possession of an elf tonic. Donna and Stephen are swindled by the trio into giving up all their valuable items in exchange for the fake elf tonic. Once outside, Jiminy is so furious at his parents that he throws a transformation potion at them, which is actually the fake elf tonic containing nothing but rain water since Martin switched his bottle with it earlier on. In horror, Jiminy runs back into the couple's house to find the pair have already ingested the potion and turned into wooden puppets. Myrna and her husband catch a glimpse, but rather than being shocked, they laugh humorously at the situation and show no remorse. Meanwhile, Donna and Stephen's young son Geppetto has returned from fetching a bucket of water and is shocked at seeing his parents as mere puppets. He recognizes one of the people, Jiminy, as the man he recently met. Horrified, he demands to know what Jiminy did to them and Jiminy is devastated by guilt. ("That Still Small Voice")


Filming Locations

  • Donna and Stephen's cottage[1] also doubles as Ruth's farmhouse[2] in "The Shepherd". The architecture, the door, the wooden shutters, the brick pattern, the enclosure on the right side of the building, even the ladder propped up against the roof, are exactly the same. However, Donna and Stephen's thatched roof was replaced by roof tiles for the episode.



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