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Don't bother with that. You can't hurt me. I'm immortal.
Hades to Liam Jones src

Divine Magic is a type of magic featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the sixth episode of the third season.


Divine Magic is the type of magic used by Deities. Their abilities are known to be nearly infinite. Known divine magical abilities are:

  • Advanced Aerokinesis: deities are capable of using an advanced and powerful form of aerokinesis, as Hades easily pushed Silver and Liam off the Fiery Cave edge only with his puff. ("The Brothers Jones")
  • Heart-Stopping: deities are able to stop the heart of someone else. This person is then unable to feel any positive feelings. Only a True Love Kiss can cancel this ability. ("Our Decay")
  • Immortality: as stated multiple times by Hades, deities are immortal and cannot die. The only exception to this ability is when a god is erased from existence by the Olympian Crystal. However, according to the Underworld storybook, deities can kill each other without using the crystal. ("Souls of the Departed" et al., "Last Rites")
  • Magic Crafting: deities are able to create immensely strong magic items per human standards, like the Holy Grail. Hades was also able to repair the powerful Olympian Crystal. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul", "Nimue", "Last Rites")
  • Magical Immobilization: deities are able to "freeze" people, as Poseidon immobilized Hook and his crew while Hades froze Milah. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul", "Devil's Due")
  • Mirror Enchantments: Ursula is able to use mirrors to communicate and transport herself to another place. ("Ariel")
  • Possession: as Ursula did it with a statue of herself, deities are able to take possession of inanimate elements. ("Ariel")
  • Resurrection: despite the basic laws of magic, Zeus was able to revive Hook, once he went to Mount Olympus. ("Last Rites")
  • Telekinesis: deities are able to touch the environment telekinetically, including a simple neck breaking. ("Last Rites")
  • Teleportation: deities are able to teleport thanks to their "element", like fire for Hades or water for Poseidon. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul", "Labor of Love" et al.)
  • World-crossing: deities are able to travel between any worlds. ("The Brothers Jones" et al.)



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