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Don't you get it? I'm here because I don't want to go home. None of us do.
—Devin to Emma and Regina src

Devin is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the fifth episode of the third season and is portrayed by guest star Skyler Gisondo.


After First Curse

In Neverland, Devin is one of the many teenagers in Pan's gang of Lost Boys. After everyone welcomes Henry into their camp, he purposely starts a fight with Henry, who repeatedly blocks his strikes. After observing the battle, Pan encourages Henry to use his power of belief to turn his fighting stick into a real sword. Once this occurs, Devin's confidence drops, though Pan persuades the pair to resume their duel. With each swing, Henry's hits become stronger until he slashes off his opponent's weapon and also cuts Devin's cheek. In the aftermath, the boy apologizes for going too far. A humiliated Devin tosses him a glare, nursing the wound, as all the Lost Boys cheer in Henry's favor. Later, Devin prepares to hunt a boar, only to be trapped in a net created by Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina. He frees himself from the mesh as the women try to win him over with reason. Emma asks for a message to be delivered to Henry, and she reminds Devin that he, too, once had a home and family, but stopped believing it was possible to return to them. She swears to lead him and the Lost Boys off the island if he helps her. Regina offers him a chocolate bar, which he takes and chucks into the jungle. Devin scoffs that he and the other Lost Boys are in Neverland since none of them want to go home. Unconvinced, Emma asserts Pan is a monster as she assumes the cut on Devin's cheek was his doing, but he smugly admits Henry did it. Since he won't comply, Emma ties him to a tree. Devin eggs her about Henry's vicious nature as a new Lost Boy recruit, and when she moves to hurt him, Mary Margaret pulls her away. Discussing a new plan, Emma gives Regina permission to take out Devin's heart so they can use him against his will, despite Mary Margaret's protests. Under Regina's control, Devin returns to camp with one half of a magic compact mirror. By her command, he tells Henry that his family is in Neverland and are coming for him. Henry doesn't believe him, until opening the mirror, allowing him to talk to his family for a short moment as Devin stands watch. When Pan returns to camp, Henry quickly discards the mirror. ("Good Form")


Production Notes

  • The casting call describes him as "14, has been one of Peter Pan's Lost Boys for many years, and is very competitive."[1]




  1. Once Upon A Time - Episode 3.05 - 2 Roles being cast. SpoilerTV (August 14, 2013). “For Once Upon A Time episode 3.05, the guest role of Liam is being cast. He is 35 and British, with dark hair. He grew up an orphan but is now the captain of a Navy ship, and is well-liked and respected by his crew. Also, the potentially recurring role of Devin is being cast. He's 14, has been one of Peter Pan's Lost Boy for many years, and is very competitive.”
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