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Actually, he's not a man at all. He's a god!

Zelena to Regina and Robin about Hades src

Deities, also known as Gods, are a species featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They are native to Mount Olympus and Fairy Tale Land, and first appear in the sixth episode of the third season.


Deities have the appearance of regular humans. Unlike humans, however, deities are immortal, and they are known to be difficult to kill. However, the Olympian Crystal has the power to destroy them by erasing them from existence. Although according to the Underworld storybook, deities can also kill each other without using the crystal. ("The Brothers Jones", "Last Rites")

Deities have the ability to wield magic as demonstrated by Ursula, Poseidon, Hades and Zeus. ("Souls of the Departed" et al., "Our Decay", "Last Rites")

They are also capable of gifting magic to other species, with the help of powerful items of their creation like the Holy Grail. ("Nimue", "Souls of the Departed" et al., "Last Rites")

Deities can have children with humans. The offspring of such pairings are known as Demigods, and they are mortal people with strong powers. In addition, Poseidon's daughter Ursula was a mermaid, indicating that deities can also interbreed with merpeople. ("Labor of Love", "Poor Unfortunate Soul")


Before First Curse

A deity, Kronos, fathers two sons, Zeus and Hades. Later, at an unknown point in time, Kronos chooses Zeus to become ruler of Mount Olympus, which is everything Hades ever wanted. This angers Hades and he then steals the Olympian Crystal, which can only belong to the ruler of Olympus, and kills his father. Zeus walks in on the aftermath of this, and just as Hades is preparing to use the crystal on his brother, Zeus causes Hades' heart to stop beating so only true love's kiss can reverse it. If Hades succeeds in doing this, he can return to the land of the living as a fully formed person. Additionally, Zeus breaks the crystal, making it impossible for his brother to fix it without his beating heart. Eventually, Hades ends up becoming the ruler of the Underworld, where he oversees souls of people who have unfinished business.[1] ("The Brothers Jones", "Our Decay", "Last Rites")

At some point in time, the gods create the Holy Grail which somehow ends up in the land that would later become Camelot. ("Nimue")

At some point in his life, Zeus meets a human woman, who becomes the mother of his son, Hercules. As a demigod, Hercules is tasked to complete the Twelve Labors in order to ascend to Mount Olympus, where he will be reunited with Zeus and become immortal. While attempting to complete the twelfth Labor by slaying the beast Cerberus, Hercules perishes and his soul goes to the Underworld. ("Labor of Love")

While ruling over the Underworld, Hades temporarily leaves for the world above, where he secures a deal with a human named Liam, who at first mistakes the deity for a demon. Later, Hades also visits the Wicked Witch, Zelena, in Oz, and thanks her for sending many souls to him in the Underworld. A mutual romance blooms between the two, with Hades believing Zelena is the one who can restart his beating heart with true love's kiss, however, Zelena rejects him and sends him away, suspecting he has ulterior motives for gaining her trust. ("The Brothers Jones", "Our Decay")

Poseidon comes to the land of the living and makes the sea his domain. He marries an unnamed woman who is presumably a mermaid, and together, they have a daughter named Ursula whom he names after the sea goddess of old. Somtime after this, Ursula's mother dies and she is only left with her father. Years later, when Ursula has grown into a young woman, she steals her father's trident and uses it to turn herself into a cecaelia. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

After Second Curse
Ursula, now joined with the queens of darkness and Mr. Gold, hunts down the heroes, but also is confronted with her father again. He tells her that he misses her and her voice and gives back her singing ability that he once took from her. She ultimately forgives him and later returns home with him. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

After Third Curse
Following the heroes' arrival to the Underworld to rescue Hook, Hades commands Cora to get rid of Regina, but the scheme backfires and instead Regina helps a soul leave the Underworld for Mount Olympus. Infuriated over the turn of events, Hades sentences Cora to eternal punishment as a miller's daughter. When Hook helps another prisoner escape, Hades attempts to force him into choosing three of the heroes who all must stay in the Underworld forever, but Hook refuses to comply. Hades punishes him by putting him on a chain that begins lowering him into the River of Lost Souls. At some time later, Hades discovers Mr. Gold's wife Belle is pregnant and learns about Mr. Gold's unfulfilled deal with Fendrake the Healer in which he promised to give up his second-born child. After tricking Mr. Gold into getting rid of Milah for him, Hades coerces the man into continuing to work for him or he'll take away Belle's child. Hades crosses paths again with Zelena, who reciprocates his love and comes to believe she can change him into a better man. After Zelena gives him a kiss of true love, Hades regains his beating heart and is able to finally leave the Underworld. The heroes manage to return to the land of the living despite that Hades tries to stall them, as the deity meant to trap them in the Underworld without Zelena knowing. In Storybrooke, Hades meets his end at Zelena's hands when she kills him with the Olympian Crystal, after she realizes he will never change from his evil ways. After Captain Hook ascends to Mount Olympus, he is greeted by Zeus who thanks him for his part in the defeat of his misguided brother. Zeus then grants Hook a reward for his bravery by giving him a second chance to life. ("Souls of the Departed", "Labor of Love", "Devil's Due", "The Brothers Jones", "Our Decay", "Last Rites")

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