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Dead Man's Peak is a Neverland location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the fifth episode of the third season.


Before First Curse

At their king's request, brothers Liam and Killian travel by ship to the island of Neverland in search of a plant, Dreamshade, rumored to have miracle healing powers. They meet the island's only inhabitant, Peter Pan, who warns them about the plant's lethal and fast-acting poison. While Killian begins to have doubts since it might mean their king wants the plant to kill their enemies in battle rather than heal their soldiers, Liam stubbornly refuses to believe anything Pan says. Journeying on to Dead Man's Peak, the pair find a whole patch of Dreamshade, and to prove the plant is not dangerous, Liam foolishly cuts himself with one of its branches. To Killian's horror, his brother quickly passes out unconscious. As he calls out for help, Pan manifests and agrees to allow him access to the island's spring, whose waters can heal Liam's injury. Relieved, Killian proceeds into the spring entrance, but before he can go in, Pan tells him to not use the water unless he and his brother are willing to pay the price for it. Mistakenly, Killian believes Pan desires payment for his help, and he hastily promises to give him anything. After fetching the water, Killian gives it to Liam, who is healed instantaneously. He turns to speak to Pan, but the boy is nowhere in sight. Only when the brothers sail out of Neverland, Killian realizes the price Pan spoke of was Liam's death since someone who ingests the spring water can only remain alive by not leaving the island. ("Good Form")

After First Curse

David, after sustaining a Dreamshade injury, hides his wound from his family. Having had past experience with the poisonous plant, Hook privately suggests they look for a cure. David refuses since their main mission is to rescue Henry from Peter Pan and to do otherwise would be a distraction. However, as David's condition rapidly worsens, Hook tricks him into going to Dead Man's Peak in order to retrieve the healing spring water. Planting his brother's military insignia on the ground, Hook allows David, after he awakens, to find it. Hook then explains his brother lost it on Dead Man's Peak from a duel with Pan, and it's possible the satchel that once held the insignia is still there. Once David learns the satchel contains a sextant for reading a star map, which is their ticket out of Neverland, he insists they go. After notifying Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina of the plan, the two men head to the peak. Ascending first, Hook asks David to wait until he throws down the rope. When the pirate reaches a cliff, he finds an awaiting Pan, who wishes to re-employ Hook, and as proof, he wants him to kill David once they reach the top of the peak. Growing impatient, David decides to climb up without the rope, to which he overhears Pan's deal. The boy disappears just as David makes himself known to Hook, who pretends he was speaking to himself. At the peak top, David demands the sextant from Hook after revealing he knows about him and Pan. Hook admits lying about the satchel and sextant to get him to the cure, which David doesn't believe. A fight breaks out, though Hook knocks the latter out. He then gathers water from the spring and offers it to David while warning him of the price for ingesting it. David, willing to make the sacrifice, drinks it. Fully healed, he returns to camp with Hook, in which they make up a lie about Pan getting to the sextant first. In gratitude for saving his life, David fakes a story about Hook protecting him from a Dreamshade arrow during their way to the peak. ("Good Form")

After Gold agrees to produce an elixir to heal David's Dreamshade poisoning, David and Mary Margaret travel to Dead Man's Peak to acquire some water from the fountain, which can sustain David during their journey off the island and back to Storybrooke. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")


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