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Run back to your palace, little girl. These are my woods now.
—Dead Eye to Snow White src

Dead Eye is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the thirteenth episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by co-star Teach Grant.


Before First Curse

Dead Eye is a bandit who is hired by the queen, Regina, to stir up trouble in the kingdom by terrorizing the commoners. When the villagers petition for help frm the royal family, Regina purposely suggests her stepdaughter Snow White can handle the situation while her father King Leopold is absent. Snow, unsure how to be a leader, gains help from her friend Hercules and learns archery in the hopes of proving herself to be a fearsome foe against the bandit. With his band of outlaws, Dead Eye coerces money from a poor villager but asks for more upon seeing what few coins are inside the bag. Suddenly, Snow shoots an arrow at Dead Eye, making it miss and hit an tree to get his attention. When the princess demands that he return what he took and leave her people alone, he mockingly questions her about where her father's army is. An undeterred Snow proclaims she doesn't need an army and pressures him to get out of her kingdom. She attempts to intimidate him further by warning that the next arrow will go in his one good eye, to which Dead Eye dares her to try. To the man's amusement, Snow clumsily spills out her entire shaft of arrows and as she is collecting one of them, he steps on it and sneers at her to run back to her palace because the woods belong to him. Hercules then uses his demigod powers to cause an earthquake and forces Dead Eye into retreating. Later, Dead Eye visits the queen's palace, where Regina pays him a bag of gold for his services and tells him that she has more for him as he continues the job. He inquiries if she would prefer it if he just killed the princess, but Regina declines, not wanting Snow White to become a martyr in the kingdom because her ultimate plan is for the commoners to realize that she, not the princess, is their rightful queen. Dead Eye is in the midst of pocketing an old woman's pendant when Snow arrives to stop him by loosing arrow on him, which misses. Dead Eye laughs at her failure, however, his mirth morphs into surprise after Snow's arrow knocks away his sword. Snow vows to disarm all of the outlaws, and with the villagers backing her up with their own weapons, Dead Eye drops the pendant before picking up his sword and leaving. ("Labor of Love")


Character Notes


For crimes against the Kingdom:
("Labor of Love")



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