David Hoflin is the Swedish-born Australian actor who portrays Zeus on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Hoflin was born in Stockholm, Sweden and has a sister called Emma.

He has appeared in TV shows such as Ocean Girl, Head Start, A Country Practice, McLeod's Daughters, Eugenie Sandler P.I., State Coroner, and The Lost World.

Hoflin was ten when he starred in his first role alongside Meryl Streep and Sam Neill in Evil Angels (released as A Cry in the Dark outside of Australia and New Zealand), a film about the famous tragic case where a dingo stole baby Azaria Chamberlain from her tent at Ayers Rock.

In the Australian medical drama All Saints, he played a character named Kieran who had become heavily intoxicated with alcohol at a rave and subsequently passed out and neglected his younger sister, who was later raped by his friend Lewis.

Hoflin joined Neighbours, an Australian soap opera, in 2007 as Oliver Barnes. He received the job without auditioning after Christian Clark quit with immediate effect. He filmed his last scenes on 6 May 2008, the same day as fellow cast member Daniel O'Connor. Hoflin returned to Neighbours in April 2011 for a two-week guest stint.

David then announced his engagement to his former Neighbours co-star, Natalie Hoflin. They started dating while working on the soap, before moving to Los Angeles in 2008. They married in Warburton on 4 January 2013.


  • His name is pronounced "Daarvid" not "Dayvid".[2]


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