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David Boyd is an episode director for ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


David R. Boyd's fascination with film began when he was a child. His father served in the US army and the family lived in Paris for two years. One day, his amily drove past a set of a French movie called Is Paris Burning? Fascinated by what he saw, he skipped school and went back to visit the set, where he was given the chance to participate in the making of the film by moving things around for the crew. This made an impression on him.[1]

When Boyd grew older, he started studying at the University of California in San Diego. To satisfy a humanities requirement, he took a film class taught by French director Jean-Pierre Gorin and American film critic/theorist Manny Farber. He became interested in filmmaking and transferred to UCLA's film school and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.[2]

After graduating from UCLA, he worked his way up the ranks in the camera department and concurrently shot documentaries.[3] In 1998, actor and director Charles Haid asked him to shoot the TV series Buddy Faro, and Boyd became a director of photography. He has since photographed the feature films Kit Kittredge, 12 Rounds, Get Low and Joyful Noise. He served as the second unit photographer on films as Cast Away, Galaxy Quest, What Lies Beneath and Bubble Boy and served as director of photography on episodes of Deadwood, Firefly, Without a Trace, Men of a Certain Age (for which he won a Peabody Award for directing and photography), Friday Night Lights and The Walking Dead.[2] He has also found success as a director for television and has directed episodes of well-known TV shows like The Walking Dead, Men of a Certain Age, Sleepy Hollow, Constantine and 12 Monkeys.[4] He also directed and photographed the 2013 sports drama film Home Run.[3]



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