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You know who I am. I'm Tom Clark. I own the Dark Star Pharmacy.
Mr. Clark src

The Dark Star Pharmacy is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the ninth episode of the first season.


During First Curse

Two orphans, Ava and Nicholas, steal from the pharmacy by putting items into Henry's bag without his knowledge. When caught, the store owner, Mr. Clark, checks the boy's bag and finds the stolen goods. Not recognizing the other children, he questions who they are. At some point, Ava gives him her home phone number, but, when dialed, it has no service. He then calls Henry's mother, Regina, to the shop, but she doubts he would do something like that. After mother and son leave, Emma, as sheriff, questions the two siblings. Ava claims the home phone she gave Mr. Clark doesn't work because the phone bill hasn't been paid yet. She also lies to Emma about their parents, who would surely be displeased if they were arrested. Emma helps the children by buying groceries for them, and then she drives the pair home. Later, she discovers they have no legal guardian. ("True North")

Struggling with a growing attraction to David, who is married to Kathryn, Mary Margaret decides to not interfere with the couple's relationship. As an upcoming storm is due to arrive soon, she goes shopping for supplies at the pharmacy. Kathryn, accompanied by Regina, is also browsing around. The two women bump into each other and their items spill onto the floor. While helping to clean up the mess, a stunned Mary Margaret picks up a pregnancy test. Handing it back, she wishes Kathryn good luck with it. Kathryn heads off to another aisle while Regina, annoyed at Mary Margaret's comment, asks her to keep quiet about the test since it's the couple's personal business. ("7:15 A.M.")

Putting justice into his own hands, Mr. Gold goes to the pharmacy to buy some rope and duct tape, which he intends to use while interrogating Moe about his stolen item. David also stops by to pick up two Valentine's Day cards; one for Kathryn and the other for Mary Margaret. Noticing the two cards, Mr. Gold can clearly tell they are for two different women, although David lies and says both are for the same person. ("Skin Deep")

After First Curse

As a consequence of the broken curse, Storybrooke's town line becomes dangerous to the residents as it is discovered those who cross the border will lose their Enchanted Forest memories. Mr. Clark, having lost his memory after being pushed across the town line, only remembers himself as a pharmacist shop owner. His fellow brethren resolve to restore his memories by mining for fairy dust. ("We Are Both")

After Second Curse

Outside the Pharmacy, Regina Mills met Lily Page at the bus stop a few feet from the door of the pharmacy. ("Mother")


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