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This article focuses on the Neverland location.
For the Season Three episode, see "Dark Hollow (Episode)".

The darkest spot on the entire island. Any light that makes its way in is snuffed out by the shadows that call it home.
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The Dark Hollow is a Neverland location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the seventh episode of the third season.


After First Curse

Following his release from the Echo Caves, Neal brainstorms a plan to ensnare Pan's Shadow and use it to fly off the island. Heading to the old Lost Boy cave, Emma and Hook go with him to retrieve a star map. Fashioned out of two coconut halves, with the top half decorated with holes, the star map contains a candle inside, which when light, can trap the shadow. While Emma is away searching for the item within the cave, Hook discloses to Neal, under the pretense the latter already knows, that he and the blonde shared a kiss. Next, they head to Dark Hollow, the home of all captured shadows. On the trek there, Neal checks a path blocked by tall grass. When he returns, Emma gives him a knife to cut through. Neal recognizes the weapon as his own, and upon learning Hook gave it to Emma as a memento, he angrily snaps at the pirate out of jealousy. After more walking, the trio reach Dark Hollow where Neal explains they'll trap the shadow by lighting the candle inside the star map and closing the lid once it's sucked in. Seeing as Neal is having trouble with the lighter, Hook offers to help, but the two end up arguing over Emma. When the lighter is accidentally flung near a tree, both go to get it as three shadows attack. Two shadows quickly take out Hook and Neal, by attempting to rip out their shadows, until Emma uses magic to light the candle and absorb Pan's shadow. ("Dark Hollow")


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