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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: Storybrooke. Five Days ago. Belle and Mr. Gold are standing on the dock. David is standing on the ramp leading into the Jolly Roger.

Mr. Gold: You have to stay here.
Belle: No! Why? I wanna help.
Mr. Gold: Well, Greg and Tamara weren't working alone. Others will follow. (hands her a scroll) It's a cloaking spell. It'll shield the town making it impossible to find.
Belle: Then how will you find your way back to me? (Gold glances at David. David boards the ship) You're not coming back to me, are you?
Mr. Gold: The prophecy. The boy is my undoing, but he's also my grandson. I must save him.
Belle: I understand, but I also know... that the future isn't always what it seems. I will see you again. (They kiss. The Jolly Roger disappears into a portal. Leroy, Archie, Mother Superior, and the rest of the dwarves run onto the dock.)
Leroy: They did it! They saved us! They did save us, didn't they? (notices Belle crying) Tears of joy?
Archie: Are you okay?
Mother Superior: What happened? Where is everyone?
Belle: When they stopped the self-destruct device those people who came, Greg and Tamara... They kidnapped Henry, and they took him through a portal.
Mother Superior: A portal to where?
Belle: I--I--I don't know. Everyone else followed them on Hook's ship.
Leroy: Why'd you stay behind?
Belle: Because I had to. (takes out the scroll, removes a vial from it, and then shows the scroll to Mother Superior)
Mother Superior: It's a cloaking spell. Why?
Belle: Because Rumple said--he said that others were coming.
(The frame cuts to a red car, driving down a road. Inside are John and Michael Darling. The frame cuts back to inside Storybrooke. The mines.)
Leroy: Who exactly does Gold think is coming?
Belle: He didn't say specifically.
Archie: Well let's not panic. I mean, for all we know, it's a precaution. Right?
Belle: He did say they were working with the people who tried to destroy the town.
Leroy: Can we panic now?
Archie: Yeah, sure, maybe, just... a little.
Belle: We'll be fine as long as we get this up in time. (She nearly walks into a support beam. Leroy guides her away.)
Leroy: Careful sister. Mines are a dangerous place.
Mother Superior: Fairy dust. We just need to open a vein and that'll carry the magic through town.
Leroy: No time for whistlin', boys, let's get swingin'. (the dwarves start chipping away at the rock. The frame cuts again, showing the Darlings getting closer to the town. They open a fairy dust vein and Belle approaches to cast the spell, but pauses.) What is it?
Belle: Oh... I've never cast a spell before. Maybe you should do this. (turns to Mother Superior.)
Mother Superior: No. Mr. Gold entrusted this task to you for a reason. You just need to believe in yourself.
Belle: Okay. (She pours the contents of the vial into the vein of fairy dust. They wait. Nothing happens.)
Leroy: You might want to believe a little harder.
(The spell activates and shoots through the mines, to the center of Storybrooke and up to the sky, starting to cover the town in a barrier. The Darling's speed up, making it to the inside of the barrier with only their back bumper being taken off. The car screeches to a halt.)

SCENE: Neverland lagoon. Present day. Mr. Gold is drawing a diagram in the sand to give Ariel directions to Storybrooke. Regina is standing off to the side.

Ariel: That's Storybrooke?
Mr. Gold: Can you get there?
Ariel: It's far. I'll have to cross over realms to get there, but yes, I can make it.
Mr. Gold: If all went according to plan, Storybrooke will be surrounded by a cloaking spell. When you arrive, surface closer to the shore, then you're inside it's bounds.
Ariel: And what would you like me to bring you back?
Mr. Gold: An object to help us defeat Pan.
Ariel: Well, I'm going to need a little more than that to go on.
Mr. Gold: I'm sorry. Pan has ears everywhere. I can't risk telling you.
Ariel: Then how?
Mr. Gold: Find a woman named Belle and then give her this. (He tosses Ariel a sand dollar) She'll know what to do.
Ariel: Belle. Storybrooke. Got it. And Eric? Where will I find him in this new world?
Regina: Well that comes after you've succeeded. Incentives are important. The bracelet will only give you legs for 24 hours
Ariel: How do I know you will uphold your end of the bargain when I'm back?
Regina: Guess you'll just have to trust me.
(Ariel turns and dives into the water. The scene cuts to Pan and Felix preparing weaponry. Pan shifts uncomfortably.)
Felix: What is it?
Pan: Someone's leaving Neverland.
Felix: Where? How shall we stop them?
Pan: Well it's too late. Don't worry, Felix. We simply need to get word to our friends on the ground.
Felix: In Storybrooke?
Pan: Oh, they can handle this. All it does is move our time table up a touch. We need to get Henry ready. (He stands.) And I need to have a chat with our friend in the other cage.
(The scene cuts to Emma, Neal, Mary Margaret, and David gathered in a clearing.)
Emma: Pan's Shadow? That's your way off the island?
Neal: Unfortunately, that's the only way.
David: Uh, we, thought you learned a way to navigate the stars.
Neal: I know how to navigate the stars, but I can't fly.
Mary Margaret: I'm guessing that's where the Shadow comes in. (Hook joins them, standing next to David.)
Neal: That's why we have to capture it.
Emma: Capture it? We've never been within 10 feet of Pan unless he wanted us to be. Sneaking up on him to steal his shadow? That seems insane.
Hook: Except that Pan's Shadow is rarely with him. It's an entity unto itself. It can carry out his will from miles away.
David: What does that mean for us?
Neal: It means we can get his shadow without having to be anywhere near Pan. As long as we know where to look. I know where to look.
Emma: Ok. You and I are on shadow duty. (Neal and Emma stand.)
Hook: As am I. This trek won't be easy. You could use another Veteran of the island.
Neal: Thanks, man.
David: And in the meantime we'll give Tinker Bell a heads up. See if she can make good on her promise to get us into Pan's camp.
Emma: Okay. We meet back at Tink's, then we get Henry, and get the hell back to Storybrooke.
(Neal and Emma start out of the clearing. Mary Margaret brushes passed David. Hook and David pause for a second before breaking as well.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. The Dwarves are sitting outside near the water having lunch.

Happy: Can I say somethin' boys? You know I love Snow and Charming, but--Can I be honest? It's kinda nice not having them around.
Leroy: Happy.
Happy: No, really. It's only been five days, but it's the first five days with no killing!
Mr. Clark: No wraiths.
Doc: No giants stepping on my miata.
Walter: It has been peaceful.
Leroy: Enough. I don't wanna hear any more of this. Snow and Charming are coming back and everything will remain normal. (He notices something out in the water. Ariel surfaces near shore.)
Ariel: Hi! I'm Ariel. (She takes the bracelet out of her bag and walks onto shore to meet the dwarves.) Do you know where I could find someone named Belle?
(The angle cuts to show the Darling brothers watching the interaction.)
Michael: The home office was right. She's here. What now?
John: We follow our orders. We find out why she came. Then we make sure she never leaves this town again.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Granny's Diner. Bell is sitting at the bar and Granny Serves her a plate of food.

Granny: What's the matter? Too many pickles, not enough pickles?
Belle: No. I guess I'm just not hungry.(Granny nods to Archie, who is sitting two seats away)
Archie: Alright, so that's the fourth cheeseburger you've turned down this week. (He changes seats to sit nect to her) This is about Gold, isn't it?
Granny: It's certainly not my cooking. (Granny walks back into the kitchen)
Archie: You miss him.
Belle: Yeah. And it's just... He said he was going off to his death. And I just... I wish I was... I wish I was able to help him. Help save Henry.
Archie: But you protected Storybrooke. That's just as important.
Belle: (she scoffs) All I did was pour a potion over some rocks. The dwarfs did all the hard work.
Archie: Hey, you wanted to be a hero. Sounds like you were. You kept the bad guys out.
Belle: What bad guys? Come on, face it, nobody's coming here. I wasn't on that ship because he doesn't need me.(the door opens and Leroy and Ariel walk in.)
Leroy: Beg to differ, sister, 'cause this little lady just swam a really long way to find you.
Granny: Uh, maybe you didn't notice the sign? No shirt, no shoes, no service.
Leroy: Now you've got a dress code? I seem to recall some Ruby outfits that are seared into my brain.
Belle: So, who are you? Why are you hear?
Ariel: I came from Neverland. Rumplestiltskin sent me.
Belle: Wait, really? He's a-he's alive?
Ariel: Yes. (she reaches into her pouch and pulls out the sand dollar) and he wanted me to give you this. (Ariel hands it to Belle)
(the scene cuts. Belle and Ariel are in Gold's shop)
Belle: A sand dollar? What am I supposed to do with it?
Ariel: Don't ask me. I'm just the delivery girl. (Belle sets it on the table and goes to look at it with a magnifying glass. The magic within it activates and it glows golden.) Looks like you figured it out.(A hologram of Gold appears.)
Gold: Belle.
Belle: Rumple.
Gold: I hope you raised the cloaking spell. The people headed to town are far more dangerous than even I first believed. They're unwitting pawns in Pan's game. I told you I was going to my death. I've found another way. I can defeat Pan and live, but only if you get me something from the shop. The object I need is hidden, but I know that with the strength of our love, you'll find it. (the magic recedes and the hologram cuts.)
Ariel: He'd really into being cryptic, isn't he?
Belle: He wants my help. He wants me to save him! Henry--Everyone.

SCENE: Neverland. Present Day. Team True Love is preparing for their missions.

David: Hey, you need help with--
Mary Margaret: No, I can handle my pack. Thanks. (she gets up and walks away from him.)
David: Mary Margaret. (Mary Margaret joins Emma on the opposite side of camp.)
Emma: How long is this going to go on?
Mary Margaret: What?
Emma: This whole not-talking-to-each-other thing? Don't you think it's been long enough? He didn't tell you about his illness because he wanted to keep the focus on the mission. I get that.
Mary Margaret: Good to see you've inherited his tunnel vision.
Emma: What does that mean?
Mary Margaret: Nothing. (they both stand.)
Emma: You say a lot with nothing.
Mary Margaret: Be careful with Hook and Neal.
Emma: What we need to be careful with is the Shadow.
Mary Margaret: The fact that they both have feelings for you is dangerous, too.
Emma: None of that matters. All I care about is getting my son back.
(The scene cuts to Pan's Camp. Henry is sitting off to the side, away from the other Lost Boys. Pan approaches him.)
Pan: There you are. Care to take a stroll? There's someplace special I'd like to show you.
Henry: I'm not going anywhere with you.
Pan: (he kneels down. Henry keeps his back turned.) Why not, Henry?
Henry: I think you're lying to me. My family, they're here. On Neverland. I know it.
Pan: What makes you so sure?
Henry: Does it matter?
Pan: No, it doesn't. But I'd be remiss if I didn't point out what does. If your family is here, Henry, why haven't they come for you?
Henry: (He finally turns to face Pan.) Maybe you're keeping them from me.
Pan: (whispers) Henry, I promise you, I'm not holding your family prisoner.
Henry: Then why do you keep disappearing into the jungle? You're hiding something from me, and I'm gonna find out what it is.(Henry gets up and walks into the foliage. Felix approaches Pan. Pan stands.)
Felix: It would appear we're losing the boy.
Pan: He just requires some effort. Given his lineage, I'd expect nothing less.
Felix: Shall I bring the cage here?
Pan: No. I have another idea. (He turns.)
(The scene cuts to Hook, Neal, and Emma in Neal's cave. Neal starts looking around.)
Hook: Something tells me we won't find Pan's Shadow in here, mate.
Neal: Yeah, we're looking for something else. It's a coconut that's carved in two. One part holds a candle, the other part goes on top--
Emma: Yeah, your start map. We hid it. I'll go grab it.(She leaves)
Hook: I owe you thanks for being so understanding.
Neal: Understanding about what?
Hook: Emma and me.
Neal: Emma and you?
Hook: Our dalliance. (Neal looks on in confusion) You don't know do you? Well, this is awkward. The two of us shared a kiss. Apologies, I assumed she told you.
Neal: Honestly, it probably slipped her mind. We're kind of focused on getting our son back.
Hook: Of course. (Emma walks back in)
Emma: (She pauses, noticing the tense air) Everything alright?
Neal: (He turns from Hook.) Couldn't be better. (he takes the coconut)
Emma: Here it is: your star map.
Neal: It's not a star map. It's what we're gonna use to trap Pan's Shadow. (Neal puts it in his bag)
Hook: A coconut? Are you daft?
Neal: You came to Neverland on a pirate ship through a portal, but you draw the line at a magic coconut?
Hook: Fair enough. What's out next stop on this mission?
Neal: Dark Hollow.(Hook gives Neal an incredulous look)
Emma: Really? Why couldn't it be called something like Sunshine Valley or Rainbow Cove? What exactly is it?
Hook: Just what it sounds like. The darkest spot on the entire island. Any light that makes it's way in is snuffed out by the shadows that call it home. Even I manage to avoid it.
Emma: Well, time to break tradition. Dark Hollow it is. That's where we're gonna find Pan's Shadow, right?
Neal: Yeah, it's the only way we'll ever get back to Storybrooke.(They exit the cave)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Belle and Ariel are looking around Gold's shop for the object that he needs.

Ariel: Look at this stuff.
Belle: Yeah. He's a... bit of a collector.
Ariel: (She holds up a corckscrew) This is a...
Belle: Corckscrew. But it's not what Rumple needs.
Ariel: (gasp) It's a...
Belle: Button. Also not what Rumple needs.
Ariel: No, I know, but Eric--he... he had one just like it on his jacket when I rescued him.
Belle: And Eric is..?
Ariel: He's a prince. The kind with legs.(Belle chuckles) I fell in love with him a long time ago, but it didn't work out.
Belle: Because you're a mermaid?
Ariel: Something like that. (she pockets the button)
Belle: Well, that's just one more reason that we need to succeed. (Ariel nods) So, Rumple said I'd find the hiding space with the strength of our love. Ah. There's only one thing he could've been talking about. (she picks up the chipped teacup)
Ariel: That's a..?
Belle: Teacup.
Ariel: It's chipped.
Belle: I know. But no matter how much this thing has been through, it's survived. Just like our love.
Ariel: So what now? Do we make tea?
Belle: I'm not sure. Rumple used to keep it in here. (she walks to the cupboard and opens it. She places the teacup on the saucer, and magic swirls out from it revealing a trap door on the floor next to her.) He enchanted it. It--it's a key.(she opens the compartment and takes the object inside.)
Ariel: It's a box.
Belle: I've read about this in my books, but I didn't realize it was real. Or that Rumple had it.
Ariel: What is it?
Belle: It's Pandora's Box. Legend says it contains the world's darkest evil.
Ariel: Shouldn't you be wearing gloves or something?
Belle: No. As long as we don't open it, we're fine.
Ariel: Oh. Yeah, sure. So what do you think is inside of it?
Belle: Well, whatever it is, it's what Rumple's gonna use to defeat Pan.
(Enter the Darling brothers. They both point guns at Belle and Ariel.)
John: All that trouble for a box?
Belle: Who are you?
Michael: The people you tried to keep out of Storybrooke.
(The scene cuts and Michael is securing the ropes around Ariel and Belle. They're tied up in the middle of the room. Belle is struggling.)
John: Stay still.
Ariel: I don't understand. Why do we keep doing what he tells us?
Belle: Because he has a gun.
Ariel: What's a gun?
John: Trust me, you don't want to find out.
Michael: (Michael grabs Pandora's Box and leans in to interrogate Ariel.) What did Rumplestiltskin tell you about this thing?
Ariel: I'm not afraid of you, or your gun. And not just because I don't know what it is.
John: Shall we demonstrate? The box. What is it?
Belle: It's magic. Which you're only gonna destroy anyway, so why do you even care?
Michael: Because our boss wants to know.
Belle: Your boss? (she scoffs) You don't even know what this is all about; Or who you're really working for.
John: Peter Pan.
Belle: What?
Michael: Yes. We know exactly who we're working for.
Belle: But Rumple said that--
John: Greg and Tamara didn't know. They were... patsies. We, on the other hand, are aware of our real mission.
Belle: Which is what?
Michael: Seeing that your Rumple fails. And that this thing never makes it back to Neverland.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Felix and Pan are walking out of camp.

Pan: Head to the other side of the island and deliver the supplies.
Felix: Understood. Anything else?
Pan: Just be certain Henry doesn't find out what you're up to.(Felix walks off. Pan returns to camp. The camera pans to reveal Henry was behind a nearby tree listening and he follows after Felix.)
(The scene cuts to David and Mary Margaret walking through the woods. He offers her a drink of water. She brushes by him.)
David: Here
Mary Margaret: I'm okay.
David: Are you? Because you've hardly said two words to me since the Caves. Hell, since yesterday. Look, I know you're upset I didn't tell you I was poisoned, and even though it might seem like it wasn't fair, that's all I was trying to do. Be fair.
Mary Margaret: (she stops walking.) I think Tinker Bell's is that way. (She starts walking again. David pauses a moment and sighs before following after her.)
(The scene cuts to Neal, Emma, and Hook walking toward Dark Hollow.)
Neal: We're gonna have to cut our way through.
Emma: (she unsheathes her cutlass, nearly hitting Hook in the face) Here. Use this.
Neal: My cutlass. (he takes it) You find it in the cave?
Emma: No, actually, Hook gave it to me.
Neal: Since when are you sentimental?
Hook: I thought Emma would wish to have something to remember you by.
Neal: Oh, thanks. She's got me now. (he goes to cut through the brush)
Emma: What was that about?
Hook: I assumed he had heard my secret. I also assumed that you'd told him of our shared moment.
Emma: Why would you assume that?
Hook: Because I was hoping it meant something.
Emma: What meant something was that you told us Neal was still alive. Thank you. I realize you could've kept Pan's information to yourself.
Hook: Why would I have done that?
Emma: I don't know. Maybe Pan offered you a deal. Why else would he tell you?
Hook: It was a test. He wanted to see if I'd leave an old friend to die, even if the old friend happens to be vying for the same woman I am.
Emma: An you chose your friend?
Hook: Does that surprise you?
Emma: You are a pirate.
Hook: Yeah, that I am. But I also believe in good form. So when I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it, it will not be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.
Emma: This isn't a contest Hook.
Hook: Isn't it? You're gonna have to choose, Emma. You realize that, don't you? Because neither one of us is gonna give up.
Emma: The only thing I have to choose is the best way to get my son back.
Hook: And you will.
Emma: You think so?
Hook: I've yet to see you fail. And when you do succeed, well, that's when the fun begins.
Neal: (offscreen) Guys! (he walks over and presents the cutlass) I think I found it. (they walk through the brush and into Dark Hollow, dead trees surround them. Wind snuffs out their lanterns.) The Dark Hollow.
Hook: So this is where the victims of Pan's Shadow reside?
Neal: Yeah. Forced to spend eternity in this darkness. Come on. Let's be sure not to join them.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Ariel and Belle are tied up alone in Gold's shop, struggling to get out.

Belle: (she grunts) They're too tight.
Ariel: We'll find a way out.
Belle: What makes you so sure?
Ariel: Because I'm an optimist.
Belle: I wish I could be, but everytime I try to be a hero it just... it just feels like it backfires. I'm sorry you won't get to be with Eric.
Ariel: Don't worry about me. Even after the magic wears off this bracelet, I'll find him and I will tell him how I feel. As long as he lives near the beach.
Belle: Bracelet? Is that what turned your tail into legs?
Ariel: Yeah, why?
Belle: I think we can get out of here.
Ariel: How?
Belle: By stretching your fins. Can you get that bracelet off?
Ariel: Oh, (Ariel starts to try and reach for it.) No, I can't reach it.
Belle: Okay. Hang on. (Belle reaches for the bracelet instead.)
Ariel: You got it?
Belle: I can. I can. (she rips the bracelet off) Got it!. (Ariel's legs turn back into a tail. They fall over. Ariel is now free and starts untying Belle.)
Ariel: See? That didn't backfire. (They exit the shop.) Where did they go?
Belle: The protection spell is still up, so they can't leave Storybrooke.
Ariel: Well then, what are they going to do with the box?
Belle: If I wanted to make sure it doesn't end up in Neverland, I'd destroy it.
Ariel: How do you destroy something so powerful?
Belle: You'd need something just as strong.
Ariel: Like what? More magic?
Belle: No. No, a dwarfs pickaxe. The kind that can smash a diamond. The kind that their friends, who took Henry, used to start all this trouble. Come on, hurry.(they head down the street toward the mines)

SCENE: Neverland. Preset Day. David and Mary Margaret are nearing Tink's.

David: I think we're almost at Tink's. I can see why she picked this area. Nice, quiet jungle. Might make a good spot for a hut, don't you think? Or a tree house, if you'd prefer. Mary Margaret. (she keeps walking) Snow! When are you going to start talking to me again? When we're storming Pan's camp? When we're grabbing Henry? When? You need to say something! (Mary Margaret pauses and turns to face him.)
Mary Margaret: Why? You didn't! You didn't tell me anything!
David: At first I was hoping that I could find a cure for the poison, and if I could, then I figured there was no reason to worry you.
Mary Margaret: Okay. But then you did find a cure, and you still didn't tell me!
David: I know.
Mary Margaret: So what? You were afraid to worry me again?
David: No, I--I--I--I didn't think--
Mary Margaret: No! You didn't think! You didn't think I had a right to know you can never leave this island? Why didn't you tell me?
David: I was scared!
Mary Margaret: Did you think I wouldn't stay here with you? After everything we've been through, did you think I would ever leave your side?
David: No, I knew you wouldn't. That's what scared me. And I didn't want that for you--I didn't want you to be stuck on this island with me. The price of this cure was something I didn't want to force on you.
Mary Margaret: Love means being together.
David: I know. It also means sacrifice and protecting the person you love. How could a part of me not want you to leave this place?
Mary Margaret: I would happily build a tree house and spend the rest of my days dodging poison arrows and Lost Boys as long as I had you by my side! But you should have told me.
David: (whispers) I know. I'm sorry. (they hug)
Mary Margaret: You didn't believe, David. You needed to believe in us. (he kisses the side of her face)
(The scene cuts to Emma, Neal, and Hook creeping through Dark hollow as they look for Pan's Shadow.) Emma: So we just wait for Pan's Shadow to show up?
Neal: Yeah. And when it does, we'll be prepared. (He takes the coconut from his bag)
Emma: You wanna tell me how that coconut works?
Neal: We light the candle and the Shadow's drawn to it. (he sets it on a dead tree stump) When it gets close enough, the flame will suck it in. We put the lid on, and it's trapped inside this bad boy.
Hook: Sounds like a fine plan except for one thing. Out lanterns went out. How the devil are we going to ignite that bloody thing?
Neal: (he flashes a lighter) Welcome to the 21st century. (Neal tries striking the lighter. It sparks, but it doesn't ignite.)
Emma: How's it coming over there, guys?
Neal: Hang on. (he tries igniting it near the candle wick in the coconut)
Hook: Let me help. (Hook gestures for the lighter)
Neal: No-u-I've got it.
Hook: I've only got one hand. I can do better than that.
Neal: You know what? Now's not the time to try to impress Emma.
Hook: Oh, you think that's what I doing?
Emma: Really? You're doing this now?
Hook: You heard her. Are we gonna stand here and argue or are we gonna get the candle lit?(Hook snatches the lighter from Neal and attempts to light the candle.)
Neal: Harder than it looks, huh, pal? Let me see it. (Neal tries to take the lighter. Hook doesn't let go. They are now tug-of-warring over it.) Give it to me! (Neal pulls and the lighter goes flying into the carcass of a hollowed out, dead tree stump.)
Emma: Guys, we don't have time for this. (she groans and then picks up the coconut. Pan's Shadow flies in. She draws her cutlass.) We really don't have time for this! Is that Pan's Shadow?
Neal: Yeah, that's Pan's Shadow!
Hook: (he draws his blade) What about the other two? (the shadows fly around them, the wind pushes all of them off balance and separates the group.)
Neal: He's controlling them!
(One of the shadows swipes at Emma. Another pushes hook into a nearby tree. He cries in Pain.)
Emma: Hook! (Neal gets swept up by the third shadow)
Neal: Emma!(Pan's shadow flies by Emma's face. Blackout for commercial.)
(The Shadow round's again, and Emma swipes at it with the cutlass to keep it away. The other two shadows start ripping Hook's and Neal's shadows from their bodies. Both men are screaming in pain.) Neal: Emma! Get out of here!
Hook: Just go!
(Both are still screaming in pain. Emma opens the coconut and holds her hand above it, trying to use magic to ignite the flame. The wick ignites and Pan's shadow takes notice. It struggles to try and avoid capture but gets sucked in anyway. Emma puts the lid on it. The other two shadow's disappear, dropping Neal and Hook as their own shadows re-enter their body.) Neal: How did you do that?
Emma: ...Regina...
Neal: She's teaching you magic?
Emma: Yeah, I guess she is.
(The scene cuts to Henry walking through the woods to follow Felix. He steps on a twig, causing Felix to turn. Henry ducks into the foliage. Felix keeps walking. Henry peaks back out and follows.)

SCENE: Ariel and Belle are walking through the mines trying to track down John and Michael Darling before they destroy Pandora's Box.

Belle: They're, uh, probably just up ahead.
Ariel: Shouldn't we wait for the dwarves?
Belle: We don't have time.
Michael: (offscreen) Here. Use this pickaxe.
Belle: (Belle and Ariel rush out of hiding.) You can't do that. (Michael raises his gun. John has the pickaxe ready to swing.) You destroy that box, people we really care about will die.
John: Then we have something in common. Because if we don't, someone we care about will die.
Belle: What are you talking about?
Michael: None of your concern. Now stay back. We don't want to hurt you.
John: But we will. You should know when to walk away.
Belle: Never. (she pulls a lever, which sends the minecart down the tracks toward the Darling Brothers. At the same time, John pulls back to strike Pandora's Box. The cart reaches him before he can and knocks the two over. Belle grabs the box and kicks away the gun.)
John: (he and Michael stand.) Please. You're making a terrible error. There is too much at stake.
Belle: Destroying magic?
John: That's not it. We don't care about magic.
Belle: Then what were you trying to do?
John: Trying to save our sister.
Ariel: Your sister?
John: She's been Pan's prisoner for a long time.
Michael: Over a century.
Belle: That's impossible. You'd be--
John: Dead. We're well aware. Pan has kept us alive to do his bidding, and as long as we do, she lives.
Michael: And then when we're done. He'll free her. And us.
John: But now...
Belle: Now is your best chance. We can defeat Pan, and your sister can finally be set free.
John: You think you're the first person who thought they could beat him?
Belle: Why? Have you tried?
John: Yes. But we failed. It's how our sister ended up his prisoner in the first place.
Michael: We tried to be heroes... but it just made things worse.
John: And now? Not that we've failed, he'll kill her.
Belle: We get this back to Neverland, Pan is gonna have much bigger things to worry about.
John: Can you really stop him?
Belle: Yeah. I believe we can. And if what you're saying is true, we will save your sister.
Ariel: Who is she?(The brothers pause and exchange an unsure glance)
Michael: Her name is Wendy. Wendy Darling. If you see her, tell her John and Michael are waiting for her.
( The scene cuts to Neverland. Present Day. Pan is unlocking the cage that Wendy Darling has been kept in during her stay on the island.
Wendy: Am I... am I free?
Pan: Not yet, Wendy? (Pan holds his hand out to help her stand) But that doesn't mean you can't come out and play.

SCENE: The beach. Storybrooke. Present Day. Ariel is preparing to cross realms back into Neverland to deliver the item. Belle is seeing her off.

Belle: So uh, remember what I told you.
Ariel: Don't worry. I'll deliver your message to Gold.
Belle: Good luck.
Ariel: (whispers) Okay. (she enters the water and removes her bracelet, then heads off to Neverland. Belle lingers and then leaves.)
(The Scene cuts to Neverland. Present Day. Felix is walking through the woods with Henry tailing him. Felix drops a bag of supplies in front of a ladder leading to a tree house and then leaves. Coughing can be heard inside the treehouse. Henry picks up the supplies and goes to investigate. He finds Wendy laying in bed, appearing to be sick.)
Henry: Who are you?
Wendy: You're not supposed to be here.
Henry: I know. I thought Pan might be keeping my family here. Why are you so far away from the camp?
Wendy: I'm--I'm sick. He's afraid someone might catch it.
Henry: Who are you?
Wendy: My name's Wendy.
Henry: Wendy Darling? (She nods. He sits on the side of her bed.) I'm Henry. What's wrong?
Wendy: It's the island, Henry. Its power is fading. I've been here a long time, but, well, for some reason it's affecting me more than the others. You look like him.
Henry: Like who?
Wendy: Your father.
Henry: You knew my father?
Wendy: We were friends, a long time ago. When he was just a little bit older than you. He saved my brother's from danger. He would do anything for my family. (she coughs again)
Henry: Are you gonna be okay?
Wendy: You should go.
Henry: Maybe there's something I can do to help.
Wendy: Just--please, I don't want you to catch what I have. Pan is already doing everything that he can, but the magic here... I fear it is not enough.
Henry: There has to be a way.
Wendy: Please go. Before you, too, become ill. (Henry sets the supplies on the bed and stands to leave)
Henry: I'll come back for you. I promise. (Henry leaves)
Pan: (offscreen) Well, done. I couldn't have played the part better myself. (Wendy sits up as Pan approaches her bedside) Oh, and that bit about dear old dad... Good job.
Wendy: I don't like lying to him.
Pan: Oh, don't think of it as lying. Think of it as... providing motivation.
Wendy: Motivation for what?
Pan: Doing what needs to be done. For all of us. You see, Henry has the heart of the truest believer, and I need to control that belief.
Wendy: What do you need him to believe in?
Pan: Me. (he stares her down. She looks away.) Now back to your cage.
(The scene cuts to Gold and Regina sitting at Mermaid Lagoon, waiting for Ariel to return.)
Regina: You really believe Belle can succeed?
Gold: Yes, I do.
Regina: Are you sure it's not your feelings blinding you?
Gold: Or perhaps it's my feelings illuminating me.
Regina: You really love her.
Gold: Is that jealousy?
Regina: (scoffs) Of Belle? I think not.
Gold: No, no. Of having someone.(Before Regina can think of a response, Ariel pops out of the water.)
Ariel: Sorry I'm late. We ran into a few... complications. (They all approach the shoreline)
Gold: Did you get it? (Ariel reaches into her puch and pulls out Pandora's Box. She places it on the rocky shore.)
Regina: Excellent. You fulfilled your end of the bargain. (Ariel then retrieves the bracelet and holds it up. Regina waves her hand and it glows as the spell takes effect.) Now you can have legs whenever you want. Or a fin. Whatever Eric's into these days.
Ariel: Thank you.
Gold: When you return to Storybrooke, seek him out. The rest is up to you.
Ariel: Before I go, Belle wanted me to let you know that Pan has a prisoner on the island. A girl named Wendy. Her brother's are back in Storybrooke. Belle doesn't want to let them down. She wants you to make sure that Wendy is okay.
Regina: (she shakes her head) All that matters is Henry.
Ariel: And now you have a chance to save him. Thanks to me and Belle. So rescuing that girl is the least that you can do.
Gold: We'll do our best. (Regina gasps in protest) Look, um, when you return... tell Belle I love her. And that she was right. I will see her again. (Ariel smiles and then dives in the water to return to Storybrooke.)
(The scene cuts to Emma, Hook, and Neal walking to Tink's after capturing the Shadow in Dark Hollow.)
Neal: Hey, hey, hey, I'm sorry. I know I screwed up.
Emma: (she stops walking and turns to Neal) Yes, you did. You both did. We almost lost our shot at capturing the Shadow because you two were fighting over a lighter.
Hook: It wasn't the lighter we were fighting over, love.
Emma: Okay! Let me be very clear about something: If I had to choose someone... I choose Henry. He's the only love I have room for in my life.(she keeps walking. They follow.)
(The scene cuts to David and Mary Margaret. Tink walks over to them from the brush.)
Tinker Bell: I was wondering if I'd see you again, but if you've come to talk me into helping you before you've found a way off this island, I still--
David: We've found one--or we're about to.
Tinker Bell: Not sure I like the sound of "about to".
Mary Margaret: Pan's Shadow. Emma went with Hook and Neal of capture it. That's our way off the island.
Tinker Bell: Capture Pan's Shadow? Yeah, I'm not lifting a finger until I see proof you've actually succeeded.
Neal: (offscreen) Hey. (He, Hook and Emma walk into the clearing. Neal holds up the coconut containing Pan's Shadow.) Here's all the proof you'll need. Been a long time, Tink.
Tinker Bell: Bae, is it really you?
Neal: Yeah. But most people call me "Neal" now.
Hook: We did it. Are you finally ready to do your part, Tink?
Tinker Bell: Yes. Yes, I am. (She leads the group into the woods. Neal hangs back.)
Neal: Uh, Emma. (she pauses)
Emma: Neal.
Neal: I--I--Listen, I just wanted to tell you that you're right. About Henry. He is all that matters. And if he's the only thing that came from us being together, I'd say we did alright.
Emma: Yeah. Now let's go get our son back. (they follow after the group)
(The scene cuts to Henry walking back to camp. As he turns to round a tree, Pan appears, sitting on the ground.) Pan: Why so glum, chum? (Henry pauses. Pan stands and approaches him.)
Henry: You said you weren't keeping any secrets... but you lied. I found Wendy.
Pan: Henry, I can explain.
Henry: She's dying, isn't she?
Pan: I'm afraid she is. Like much of the island, because the magic here is slipping away. I would've told you, but I didn't want you to have that weight on your shoulders. Knowing that a young girl's life depends on you.
Henry: So I'm the only who can save magic?
Pan: You are.
Henry: How do I do it?
Pan: The question isn't how, Henry. It's where. Follow me. (Pan leads Henry further through the woods until they reach a rocky cliff. Out in the water is an island in the distance. On this island sits Skull Rock.) See that?
Henry: Is that Skull Rock?
Pan: Yes. Inside is where our salvation awaits. A salvation that only the heart of the truest believer can bring.
Henry: Me?
Pan: That's right, Henry. But I won't lie to you. It won't be easy. It will require heroism and sacrifice. (Pan takes a deep breath) The only question is, are you up to the task?
Henry: Yes.

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