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Dana Horgan is a writer of ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Dana Horgan studied at Ithaca College from 2000–2004, where she received a BS in Cinema and Photography. She then studied at Boston University from 2004–2007, where she received an MFA in Screenwriting.[2]

Dana has previously worked at Walden Media as a Reader and Publishing Assistant, at Red Wagon Entertainment as a Story Editor, at Chernin Entertainment as an Assistant, and at Hell on Wheels as an Assistant to the Executive Producers.[2]

Dana joined Once Upon a Time in May 2013 as a staff writer. She was later promoted to Story Editor in April 2014, and would start writing episodes of her own in Season Four, beginning with "The Apprentice".[2]


Now that the mist of tears has cleared... Five years ago this show changed my life. I'm forever grateful to our fantastic bosses, amazing fans, and all the crazy talented people who made Once happen. It's been a dream writing magic with the best people I know. Thank you, Once.[3]
  • Has her own user page on the Once Upon a Time Wiki.
    • On March 21, 2020, Horgan hosted an AMA in the Once Upon a Time Wiki, alongside fellow Once Upon a Time writers Leah Fong and Brigitte Hales.[4][5]
      • Horgan wasn't originally scheduled to host the AMA, and instead created the account to support Hales and Fong, before finally joining them.




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