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Alice, that necklace is magic. That's why it survived.
Will Scarlet to Alice src

Cyrus' Talisman is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the first episode.


Before First Curse

Cyrus proposes to Alice at the Boiling Sea. He shows her how his necklace is pulsating a bright red, emanating gleam. He states it glows to show their hearts are entwined and allows both of them to know when the other is near. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

After First Curse

After being separated from Cyrus, Alice goes looking for him in the Mad Hatter's house. However, Cyrus is not inside. Depressed, she exits the house and discovers Cyrus' glowing necklace, which gives her proof that he is alive. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Alice enters into the Boro Grove, containing trees with flower appendages and quickly falls under the spell of the sweet smell. After taking off the necklace and putting it on her sword, Alice basks in whimsical happiness decorating them with a flower wreath. She becomes excited when Will comes along, but doesn't understand his reason for asking her about Cyrus and has no recollection of this "Alice" person he brings up. When he presses her to leave, she swings the sword at him as the necklace drops to the floor and continues to refuse to go anywhere as vines and branches flourish to trap her in place. Though Alice claims the Boro Grove makes her happy, she is snapped back to reality when the necklace lands in her hands. ("Who's Alice")

A group of angry peasants tie Alice and Cyrus to some posts along with the Red Queen. At nightfall, the torches surrounding the trio attract large beasts, the Mome Raths, and though they put out the flames, the creatures draw near because of the glow of Alice's necklace. She gives up the pendant to the Mome Raths; allowing the three of them to escape. ("Nothing to Fear")


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