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It's not thunder, it's a cyclone.
Zelena to Glinda src

Cyclones, also known as Tornados, are portals featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the sixteenth episode of the third season.

Cyclones are based on the magic of the same name from the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


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Before First Curse
After being exposed for her affairs with a gardener, Jonathan, Cora abandons baby Zelena in a basket, allowing a cyclone to whisk her away to Oz. Cora did this to allow herself admittance into some form of royalty, later on in her life. Zelena is sent to Oz, where she is found by a Woodcutter and his wife. They adopt her. ("It's Not Easy Being Green") ("Bleeding Through")

Several years later, Zelena has now assumed power over all of Oz, and Glinda has began attempting to reform her from her wicked ways. Suddenly, Dorothy Gale's house comes flying through a cyclone, coming from Kansas. Dorothy's house lands in the middle of Oz due to this cyclone. ("Kansas")

Before Third Curse

Needing to find Emma after she'd become the Dark One, Regina enlists Zelena's help to create a cyclone which could take them to the Enchanted Forest. By using the Apprentice's Wand, Zelena is successful in opening a portal to Oz, with intentions of leaving Storybrooke forever, but Regina manages to cuff her, removing her magic. Later in the diner, Regina harnesses the wand, redirecting the cyclone to take them to whichever realm that Emma is in. ("The Dark Swan")

After Third Curse

Not wanting to risk Zelena taking Robin, Regina uses the wand to conjure a cyclone, which whisks Zelena back to Oz. ("Swan Song")

When the same cyclone manifests in Oz, Ruby, Mulan and Dorothy go to investigate and come across Zelena. ("Ruby Slippers")

Much later, Ruby arrives from Oz to the Underworld by cyclone, in search of Dorothy, whose disappearance she suspects Zelena is responsible for. ("Her Handsome Hero")


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