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I give you the greatest Crown Jewel in Agrabah. And for the lucky prince who marries my daughter, this shall be her dowry.
—The Sultan, addressing his daughter's suitors src

The Crown Jewel of Agrabah is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the fifteenth episode of the sixth season.

The Crown Jewel of Agrabah is based on the Sultan's familial blue diamond ring from the Disney film Aladdin.


Before First Curse

Sometime after Jasmine's father the Sultan regains his kingdom from Jafar, he shows a ring called the crown jewel of Agrabah to several princes, who are Jasmine's prospective suitors, and offers it as a dowry gift to whoever marries his daughter. Jasmine refuses to wed a complete stranger and, despite her father knowing she would rather marry for love, he begs her to do her duty for Agrabah's sake because their kingdom needs a prince who can provide an army to protect their land from Jafar, though she insists what they need a hero: Aladdin. They are interrupted when Jafar arrives to demand the princess' hand in marriage and that if she does not accept by sundown, he'll destroy Agrabah forever. After Jasmine's attempts to outsmart Jafar fail, she agrees to marry him in order to save her kingdom. She hands him the ring as proof of her acceptance, but Jafar reveals that he never intended to marry her or take over Agrabah. However, now that he possesses the ring, he has the power to break the protection the ring keeps over Agrabah, a power that he uses to transport Agrabah into the ring. Jasmine watches in horror, unaware of where her kingdom ended up. ("A Wondrous Place")

After Third Curse

When Jasmine uses her first wish to find Agrabah, the genie Aladdin brings both of them to the Enchanted Forest, with the crown jewel of Agrabah mysteriously appearing in Jasmine's pocket. Not knowing her kingdom is inside the ring, she takes the jewel to be a painful reminder of how she failed her people. She later learns the truth from Jafar, whom she defeats by turning into a staff. Then, with the power of Jasmine and Aladdin's true love kiss, Agrabah is freed from the ring and restored it to its rightful place. Ariel, seeing that the ring is now just a ordinary trinket, asks if she can keep it for herself. ("A Wondrous Place")


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