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Did you all see the preview for next week's episode of #OUAT I was fortunate to direct? Check it out May 8th #OnceUponATime it's gonna rock!
—Craig Powell on Twitter src

Craig Powell is a camera operator and episode director for ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Little is known about Powell's early life. He entered the film business in the late nineties and has since then worked in the camera department, filling the roles of camera assistant, camera operator and director of photography. Since 2002, he has been working as an A-camera operator on both television series, feature films and television movies.[1]

Powell worked as a camera operator on the first six seasons of Once Upon a Time. Other works of note include the Canadian television series Robson Arms, the science fiction TV series V and the horror drama television series The Excorsist.[2] In 2016, he earned his first directorial credit[2] when he directed the Once Upon a Time episode "Last Rites".



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