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This article focuses on the Storybrooke location.
For the Underworld location, see Underbrooke Convent.

I have a fairly specific rental agreement... If they miss a payment, I'm within my rights to evict.
Mr. Gold to Leroy src

The Convent of the Sisters of Saint Meissa is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the nineteenth episode of the first season.


During First Curse

During Storybrooke's annual Miner's Day festival, the nuns help set up light decorations around town. One of them, Astrid, accidentally spends the entire budget by buying twelve times the amount of helium that Mother Superior had required. As it compromises the monthly rent for their landlord, Mr. Gold, Astrid is worried they will be evicted from the convent. Later on, aided by Leroy, the sisterhood obtain enough money to pay off their debt. ("Dreamy")

August, a guest in town, visits the convent to seek Mother Superior's counsel. Shortly after he leaves, Mr. Gold shows up to investigate why the stranger was there. Mother Superior points out the rent has already been paid, but the landlord says that's not why he came. Mr. Gold questions Mother Superior about August's motivation in seeing her. While Mother Superior doesn't believe it's any of his concern, Mr. Gold threatens to shut down the convent, so she reveals talking with August about his severed relationship with his father. This leads Mr. Gold to believe August is his long lost son. ("The Return")

After First Curse

Sensing strong dark magic in Storybrooke, Mother Superior hurries out of the convent to meet David and Mary Margaret, who urgently approach. As the couple shares the news of Regina and her mother planning to find Mr. Gold's dagger and kill everyone in town, Mother Superior joins them on a ride to the pawnshop to find the magical object before the villains can. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Outside the convent, Mother Superior is approached by Emma, Marco and Mary Margaret with a plea to help August, who is still stuck in his wooden state. She admits knowing about his situation since the breaking of the curse, but if there is a path of redemption for him, he must travel on his own terms. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

One morning, Mother Superior is pursued by a flying Shadow. As she tries to seek shelter at the convent, the creature kills her by ripping away her shadow. Near the convent staircase, David, Emma, Hook, Mary Margaret, Neal and Tinker Bell later stand where Mother Superior's fallen body lies. When Henry and Regina join them, the group speculate the Shadow was freed by Pan, although the villain is supposedly sealed in a box. Little do they know Pan has switched bodies with Henry, whose body he currently inhabits, and the boy pleads for Regina to protect him, which she does by taking him to the safest place; her vault. Meanwhile, Neal heads off to the Jolly Roger with Hook and Tinker Bell to fetch a lighter and the coconut halves they once used to trap the Shadow. The remaining party goes to Mr. Gold for the box they believe contains Pan. ("The New Neverland")

In order to switch Pan and Henry back to their rightful bodies, and Mr. Gold sends David, Hook, Neal and Tinker Bell to the convent to obtain a wand that might help them. Arriving at a church in the convent ground, where Mother Superior's funeral is being held, they ask the nuns to turn over the wand just as the Shadow attacks them. Urging the nuns to run away, David, Hook and Neal watch as Tinker Bell reacquires her ability to fly and destroys the Shadow. Doing so, Mother Superior regains her own shadow and is revived. After expressing gratitude towards Tinker Bell, she hands over the Black Fairy's wand and encourages them to do whatever it takes to save the town. ("Going Home")

After Second Curse

Recently restored to his old self, August's deteriorating condition prompts Emma, Henry and Regina to take him to the nunnery, where Mother Superior oversees him. The head nun deducts that the magic which has been used to change August many times is causing a strain on his body, and he can only survive by strength alone. Afterward, Henry and his two mothers walk through the convent hallway as they figure out how to continue tricking Cruella, Mr. Gold and Maleficent about the door illustration containing the trapped Author. Regina relates to Emma that if she doesn't deliver the door illustration to the villains, they will be suspicious of her loyalties. Emma conjures a forgery of the door page, but Regina believes Mr. Gold can likely tell it's fake. Instead, she settles for taking a photo of the real illustration in the hopes the villains will be satisfied knowing what the door looks like. Later in the day, David and Mary Margaret pay a visit to August after he has gotten better. Emma arrives to show August the illustration and a key to open the door. Despite learning the villains intend to make her evil by using the Author, she still wishes to unlock the door so she can ask him questions about herself. To this, August reveals it's only possible if this Author wrote her story as there have been many Authors, all chosen by the Sorcerer and his Apprentice, that have written tales. He also explains the last Author was imprisoned in the illustration for being corrupt, and even with the danger this may pose, Emma still wants answers. After she releases the Author, David and Mary Margaret recognize him from the Enchanted Forest. Before Emma can ask anything, the Author pulls down a curtain, distracting everyone, as he flees the room. ("Best Laid Plans")

Sometime after a failed search for the missing Author, David, and Mary Margaret returns to the convent to collect the flask that he left behind, which they later use for a locator spell. ("Sympathy for the De Vil")

After Third Curse

As the heroes head to the Underworld to rescue Hook, Mother Superior and the other nuns are left to take care of Neal, Roland and Zelena's daughter.[3] ("Swan Song")

Arriving at the convent, Belle enters the babies' nursery room, carrying formula bottles for the infants. Zelena, disguised as Mother Superior, walks in and inquiries why Belle has come. Belle shows her the bottles, but when Mother Superior takes the wrong one for Baby Hood, she suspects something is off with the nun. Zelena tries to act normal, however, her cover is blown after the real Mother Superior confronts her. Reverting back to herself, Zelena prepares to take away her daughter, with both Belle and Mother Superior trying to stop her. Suddenly, an earthquake erupts and opens a portal to the Underworld. Belle, grabbing the child, falls into the portal, and Zelena jumps in to follow them. The portal then closes, leaving baby Neal and Mother Superior in the convent. Later, from the Underworld, Snow and David use a telephone booth in Underbrooke to contact their son in Storybrooke. Instead of the usual clinking of his baby mobile, Neal hears his parents singing a lullaby to him, which lulls him to sleep. After Henry records this event in the storybook, including a drawing of Neal in his crib, Snow and David realize their message to Neal went through after all. ("Our Decay")

At some point, Roland leaves the convent and eventually moves back to Sherwood Forest. ("Only You")

When one of the young nuns returns to the convent in an aged state, Mother Superior deducts Mr. Gold is responsible, with a pregnant Belle suspecting he did it to demonstrate what he'll do to her unborn child. After accidentally ingests an aging spell in her tea, Belle's pregnancy speeds up, causing her to be taken to the convent to give birth. The nuns cast a protection spell to keep Mr. Gold out, but he gets in by cutting into the barrier with his dagger. During intense labor, Belle passes out and meets her grown son "Morpheus" in a dream, where he implies she must send him away after his birth to ensure his safety from Mr. Gold. After the birth, she spends a few short and happy moments with her son, before asking Mother Superior to be his fairy godmother and to take him someplace where Mr. Gold can never find him. Additionally, Belle gives her favorite book to Mother Superior and tells her to read it to her son often so he knows his mother is close to him. She then says a final goodbye to her son by naming him Gideon after the hero in the book. Mr. Gold arrives at the birthing room in time to see Mother Superior, now in fairy form, flying away with the baby. He asks for the child's name, but Belle refuses to tell him, in fear he'll use it to track down Gideon. She vows to endure whatever pain he has in store for her while keeping her son safe from him. Mr. Gold insists he would never hurt her, but that he will find their son. ("Changelings")

Sometime later, an injured Mother Superior is found in the forest and brought back to the convent to recover. Belle, on Mr. Gold's insistence that their son is missing, phones the convent and learns about Mother Superior being attacked. At the nunnery, the couple is led by Granny into Mother Superior's room. The resting nun explains how she defended herself from the Black Fairy as hard as she could, however, the latter overpowered her and stole baby Gideon. ("Wish You Were Here")



On-Screen Notes

Production Notes

  • The scenes with the nuns in "Fall" were supposed to happen in the convent. However, in the actual episode, they were shot at Granny's Diner.[7]


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