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Conner Dwelly is the actress who portrays Morraine on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Conner Dwelly was born on December 10, 1998.[1] She has been greatly influenced in her interests in visual effects from her father, William "Bill" Dwelly, who has worked on films like Avatar and I, Robot,[2] and is also the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts' Department Head for Visual Effects and Game Art & Design.[3]

At age six, she resided in New Zealand where her first break on film came as an extra on the television show Sensing Murder. Upon turning seven, she moved to Vancouver and decided to try acting; appearing on the television show Smallville and also minor roles in movies such as Passengers with Anne Hathaway and a supporting lead role in Barrricade alongside Eric McCormack.[2]

Conner's ongoing interest in film has led her to produce her first documentary called I Don't Wanna Go To High School! which won for Best Sound at the International Film Festival for Youth in 2011. She has made a second documentary, Waiting Room, and garnered a nomination for an Eyelens Award for best documentary. It was selected for screening at the 2012 International Film Festival for Youth.[2]

When she's not acting or producing, Conner is training in classes to improve her acting skills in the categories of the United States dialect, voice over and scene study. During the summer in Toronto, she balances classes at training school Second City and visits family.[2]

Currently, she resides in Vancouver with her parents and two pugs, Tasa and Goji. She also enjoys swimming, skating and playing the piano.[2]


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