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Happily, with this clock, teatime never has to end.
—The March Hare to Jefferson src
The Clock of Evermore is a magical item featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It only appears in graphic fiction novel, Out of the Past.


Before First Curse

The Clock of Evermore, a relic used to manipulate time, eventually falls into the March Hare's hands in Wonderland, though the means he used to gain it are not known. When William learns about the clock's whereabouts, he notifies his former associate Jefferson about the find and urges him to go after it. In need of money to support his family, Jefferson travels to Wonderland, planning to steal the clock from the March Hare and sell it for a large sum. Instead, it all goes awry when the March Hare takes him captive, rewinding time again and again, as he forces Jefferson to stay for a never ending tea party. Finally getting bored with tea, the March Hare leaves for a hunt while Jefferson is left restrained, before being rescued by Priscilla. ("Out of the Past")


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