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I didn't recognize him without my hook in his neck.
Hook to the Evil Queen about Claude src

Claude, also known as Mirror Carrying Knight, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the ninth episode of the second season and is portrayed by co-star Paul Lazenby.


Before First Curse

Hearing of a reward offered to whoever slays a beast called the Yaoguai in a faraway land, Claude and some companions hitch a ride on a wagon to get there. A woman, Belle, is also present on the journey. Seeing that she is engrossed in a book, Claude teases her about it. To this, Belle mentions the book tells her the Yaoguai lives near a lake, to which Claude and his allies kick her off the wagon so they can reach the beast's location first. However, they only realize upon arriving to the lake that she lied. Tracking Belle to a nearby village, the men attempt to get payback by dumping her into a well, but they flee after Mulan scares them off. At some point, Claude meets the Queen, who is looking for Belle. By nightfall, he directs the Queen and her henchmen straight to her. After Belle is captured and imprisoned by the Queen, Claude becomes employed as one of her guards. ("The Outsider")

After Queen Regina puts Snow White under an eternal sleeping curse, the Magic Mirror witnesses Prince Charming awaken her with true love's kiss. He has Claude carry his mirror to the Queen in the royal garden and sternly warns against dropping him or he'll be cursed with fourteen years of bad luck. When her minions enter the garden, the Queen expresses annoyance at being disturbed, which quickly turns to outrage when she sees, through the Magic Mirror, Prince Charming proposing to a revived Snow White. ("Lost Girl")

Standing guard out of Belle's cell in the Queen's palace, Claude suspiciously watches as a hooded stranger approaches claiming to deliver a meal for the prisoner. Seeing through the lie, he attacks the assailant, but is quickly overpowered and killed. With Claude dead, the stranger, Hook, breaks into Belle's cell hoping to extract information from her concerning his nemesis, Rumplestiltskin, and a cursed dagger. When she proves to be useless, Hook prepares to kill her until the Queen, Regina, stops him. She offers him the power to kill a magic-less Rumplestiltskin in another world once her curse is cast, but only if he manages to murder her mother, the Queen of Hearts, in Wonderland. Hook agrees, so Regina prepares to take him there by a portal hat. As part of the hat's rules, only the same amount of people who arrive in a world can return. Thus, since the Queen wants Hook to bring back her mother's corpse, she sends him to Wonderland with Claude's dead body. Instead of killing the Queen of Hearts, he joins ranks with her after learning Regina's curse will wipe out his memories. On return to the Enchanted Forest, Claude's body is left behind while Hook and his new accomplice depart. ("Queen of Hearts")

After his death, Claude ends up in the Underworld. ("Ruby Slippers")

After Third Curse

Following Cruella's chain of command, Claude begins destroying the haunting booth in Underbrooke, as a crowd of residents watch helplessly. When David arrives with Hook and Henry, he tries to stop Claude, only for Cruella to stand in his way. She reveals the booth is being taken out because Hades ordered it, however, she agrees to allow David one last phone call if Henry will revive her using his Author powers. David turns her down, to which she urges Claude to finish what he's already started. Claude then pulls out the entire telephone from the booth and takes it with him as he walks away, but not before throwing David a menacing look. ("Ruby Slippers")


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