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Cindy Luna is the American actress who portrays Cecelia on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Cindy Luna was born in Miami, Florida, and is of Colombian descent. She worked as a model in her early teens, before she started to pursue an acting career. Her first major role came with the Telemundo telenovela Más sabe el diablo.[1]

Cindy is best known for the role as Conchita Barros on the action-drama series The Last Ship, and the starring role of detective Maria Salinas in the supernatural drama series The InBetween.[3] She also played a recurring role on the sitcom Still the King[1] and has guest starred on episodes of Castle, The Bold and the Beautiful and Gang Related.[1][4]

Cindy is involved with women's support groups, particularly those who help women involved in drug trafficking;[1] and organizations fighting against human trafficking, such as Justice Speaks.[4]


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