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Christopher Gorham is the American actor who portrays Walsh on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Christopher D. Gorham[2] was born on August 14, 1974 in Fresno, California to Cathryn,[1] a school nurse,[2] and David Gorham,[1] a certified public accountant.[2] He attended the Roosevelt School of the Arts with extracurricular activities in martial arts, fencing and water polo.[1] Christopher graduated with a BA in Film and Theater Arts from UCLA, before going on to appear in a number of television series. While in college, he was an intern on the action drama television series Baywatch.[3]

Christopher has worked on Party of Five, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Popular, Felicity, Boomtown, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Third Watch.[4] Following short lived stints on Jake 2.0 and Medical Investigations because of show cancellations, he starred on Out of Practice and was approached for a recurring role on Ugly Betty. The prolific actor also kept viewers guessing with his starring role on the limited-run mystery series Harper's Island in 2009 before landing on the USA Network's action thriller Covert Affairs in 2010.[1] His voice acting roles include the video games Star Trek: Hidden Evil and Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.[4]

Christopher met his future wife Anel López on the set of The WB's 1999 teenage drama series Popular[1] and have been married since January 22, 2000.[2] They have two sons, Ethan and Lucas, as well as a daughter, Alondra.[1]



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