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Belle, the fate of my village depends on you.
Mulan to Belle src

The Chinese Village[2] is a Fairy Tale Land location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the eleventh episode of the second season.


Before First Curse

An evil sorceress named Maleficent is determined to do everything in her power to keep Prince Phillip and Aurora apart. She exiles the prince to another land and turns him into a monster known as the Yaoguai. The prince lives in a cave and tries to warn the nearby villagers, but no one understand what he really is.

Hearing of a reward offered to whoever slays a beast called the Yaoguai in a faraway land, a group of people from the Enchanted Forest hitch a ride on a wagon to get there. A woman, Belle, is also present on the journey. Belle mentions the book tells her the Yaoguai lives near a lake, to which Claude and his allies kick her off the wagon so they can reach the beast's location first. However, they only realize upon arriving to the lake that she lied. Tracking Belle to a nearby village, the men attempt to get payback by dumping her into a well. A young village woman named Mulan attacks and drives them away, but receives a wound to her leg. Mulan asks Belle for assistance in tracking the Yaoguai, so that Mulan can kill it.

The two women go after the Yaoguai, but Mulan discovers her leg injury is worse than she thought, and encourages Belle to defeat the Yaoguai. Armed with Mulan's sword, Belle lures the Yaoguai into the village. After letting out a spray of water from a slashed pipe, the beast's bodily flames are doused out. To Belle's amazement, the Yaoguai collapses on the ground and scrawls the message 救我, which Belle translates as "save me". She opens her pouch of fairy dust, sprinkling it on the Yaoguai, who turns back into a human man, Prince Phillip. He is deeply grateful, to which Belle wishes for him to repay by taking Mulan back to the village for medical treatment. ("The Outsider")

After Sixth Curse

After Roni casts a curse to unite the realms, the Chinese Village is brought to Storybrooke and now rests next to the location of Maurice's castle.[1] ("Leaving Storybrooke")


On-Screen Notes

  • The exact location of the Chinese Village is unknown, as it could be part of the Enchanted Forest or part of The Empire. Plus, even if it is part of the latter, the exact location would still be unknown, as we do not know if The Empire is an Enchanted Forest kingdom or a Fairy Tale Land realm.



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