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@OUAT_Fanatics Hey Oncers, greetings from 'Gerhardt/FrankMonster' - I look forward to reading your rabid tweets ;) XOXO
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Chad Michael Collins is the American actor who portrays Gerhardt Frankenstein on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Chad Michael Collins was born on September 22,[2] 1979[citation needed] in the small town of Canajoharie in upstate New York.[1] He lived in all-American life actively into basketball, boxing, CrossFit, and mixed-martial arts, and was also an avid reader of historical fiction and fantasy, and a lover of all things comic book-related and a certified rock 'n' roll-ophile.[3]

After graduating from Canajoharie High School in 1997, Chad attended Ithaca College, where, during his last semester of bachelor's degree studies, he accepted an internship at an entertainment public relations firm in Los Angeles. When the internship was complete in May, he returned to New York and two weeks later moved back to Los Angeles where the internship blossomed into a full-time job.[3]

A self-proclaimed “accidental” actor, he was a few years in with an entertainment public relations firm when he and talent manager Gina Rugolo were working together to promote publicity for her client; actress Elizabeth Peña when his life changed.[1] She convinced him he had potential and try out an acting class. Instantly hooked, acting was simply a hobby for Chad at first as he continued to work in personal publicity and build his freelance writing career. Successive projects with bigger roles and budgets soon followed, and it became clear to him that he had found his true calling—playing pretend for a living through acting.[4]

His early credits include several SyFy Channel roles such as zombie horror flick Legion of the Dead, action thriller Rock Monster, and science-fiction horror Lake Placid 2, one of the cable's highest-rated original movies. He has also appeared in CBS crime drama CSI: NY, ABC Family comedy Greek, indie psych horror film Room 33, and Hallmark original movie The Christmas Card, one of their highest-rated telefilms.[4]


  • Chad is of English and Irish ancestry.[5]
  • Fascinated with knights and soldiers, he participates in archery and firearms shooting.[5]


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