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Kelly, when I gave you this ring, I signed up for everything. Even the things I didn't know.
—Chad to Kelly src

Chad is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the seventeenth episode of the seventh season and is portrayed by guest star Kip Pardue.


During Fifth Curse

At an unknown point in time, Chad meets Kelly West, and they fall in love with each other. They eventually get engaged. However, one day close to their wedding, Kelly - who now remembers to be Zelena, the Wicked Witch - decides to follow her sister, Roni, to Seattle. Despite having her memories back, Kelly reveals that she is happy, really in love with Chad and is reluctant to lie to him. ("The Eighth Witch")

Later, Chad phones Kelly multiple times and also leaves her a few messages but she, unsure what to tell him, doesn't pick up on his calls. ("A Taste of the Heights")

Chad calls Kelly on their anniversary, saying he doesn't know why she left but he wants to understand, and that he made reservations for tomorrow at their favorite restaurant. He ends the message by telling her he misses her, but she ignores his call once more. Later on, Chad is lured to Hyperion Heights by Nick, who poses as a doctor from New York and lies to him about Kelly getting into a cycling accident. After capturing Chad, Nick calls Kelly through Chad's number and tells her that if she ever wants to see Chad again, she will do exactly what he says. ("Chosen")

After Nick has Chad moved to the basement of Roni's, Kelly finds him, only for Nick to try and kill her. She overpowers him, but instead of killing him with his knife, she declares she's not that type of person anymore and knocks him unconscious. Kelly then frees Chad and confesses mostly everything, including who Zelena is. Instead of returning the ring, Chad tells her that, when he proposed to her, he signed up for everything, including the things he didn't know and that whoever she was as Zelena, she's different now. The two reconcile with a kiss, and the police arrive to arrest Nick. As she and Chad are going back to San Francisco soon, Kelly says her goodbyes to Roni and Margot. ("Chosen")


Production Notes

  • His casting announcement describes him as "a clever, romantic guy who’s no stranger to grand gestures. He keeps a cool head and maintains high levels of patience and compassion, even when it seems like his world may be turned upside down".[1]
  • Adam Horowitz describes Chad as "someone from the real world" as it "is the one thing [they] haven't done". He also explains how hard it will be for Kelly to reveal who she is really to this man, and that "there's a whole mess of emotional problems that lay ahead for her" because of that.[2]