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This article focuses on the Once Upon a Time location.
For the similarly-named Once Upon a Time in Wonderland location, see Well of Wonders.

This, um, Cave of Wonders. It's "wonders", plural. 'Cause as silly as the name sounds, wonders can be profitable.
Aladdin to Jasmine src

The Cave of Wonders is an Agrabah location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the fifth episode from the sixth season.

The Cave of Wonders is based on the magic cave from "Aladdin", and on the location of the same name from the Disney film Aladdin. It is also an allusion to the forty thieves' cave from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.


Before First Curse

The Cave of Wonders exists in Agrabah, where there are numerous treasures hidden inside its walls. Princess Jasmine persuades Aladdin into going with her to the cave in search of a weapon, the Diamond in the Rough, which can defeat Jafar. To gain access into the cave, Aladdin uses the phrase "Open Sesame". They see the diamond balanced on a sword, but to keep a trap from triggering, Aladdin places a monkey ornament of equal weight onto the sword, before taking the diamond. He presents the diamond to Jasmine, but it crumbles into powder, as an quake erupts within the cave. When Aladdin shields Jasmine from a collapsing pillar, he accidentally pulverizes it by shooting a spray of magic. Jasmine sees this as proof he is the Diamond in the Rough, and that he the Savior who can defeat Jafar. Seeing that Aladdin is hesitant to accept his new role, the princess gifts him the royal scarab of Agrabah to prove she believes in him. After she is gone from the cave, Jafar appears, using his red bird to show Aladdin that his destiny is to die, and gives him a pair of shears to escape his fate. ("Street Rats")


Props Notes

[image begins] tiger? Snow
[image begins] Cave of Wonders
[image begins] with a deep, rumbling,
[image begins]bs my slumber?" the
[image begins]ow faced him uncertain-
[image begins] is not treasure that I
[image begins]" The Tiger con-
[image begins] allow you to pass.
[image begins] [two illegible words] never see the open
[image begins]ought. It seemed
[image begins] [two illegible words] jaws of this
[image begins] [illegible word]? Perhaps if she
[image begins] should be clear again
[image begins] her way out of
[image begins] thanked the
[image begins] she walked into
("Leaving Storybrooke")

  • The story is based on Disney's Aladdin, where the Cave of Wonders is guarded by a spirit with the shape of a tiger's head. The cave can only be entered by a chosen individual and anyone else who makes attempts to enter are given a warning by the tiger. If they try to enter the cave anyway, they are killed.

Filming Locations

  • A green-screen set at The Bridge Studios was used to film the scenes inside the Cave of Wonders.[2] While some of the background props were real, the rest of the surroundings were added digitally in post-production.



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