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Agrabah is my city, and I hate it when our guests are treated so poorly.
Princes Jasmine to Ariel src

The Capital of Agrabah is an Agrabah province featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fifth episode of the fifth season.


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Before First Curse

The Capital of Agrabah is ruled by a Sultan, with his only daughter Princess Jasmine. Jafar becomes the Sultan's adviser and incapacitates the man by placing him under a spell. When the sorcerer begins delivering harsh punishments to people for minor crimes, Jasmine decides to seek help from Aladdin in order to free her father and restore order to the people. Aladdin succeeds by becoming the Savior and breaking Jafar's hold on the Sultan before driving him from the capital. After Aladdin leaves to pursue Jafar at the eastern provinces, Jasmine stays behind to work on improving the kingdom. ("Street Rats")

With Jafar vanquished, Jasmine's father is desperately trying to find a wealthy prince to marry his daughter, with a valuable diamond ring, the crown jewel of Agrabah, as a dowry. Suddenly, Jafar himself shows up and threatens to destroy Agrabah if Jasmine does not agree to marry him. While pondering the situation, Jasmine meets a woman named Ariel at the local market. When she learns that Ariel is looking for Prince Eric, Jasmine helps her find him with the help of a Flying Carpet, hoping that Eric’s army will be able to help her defeat Jafar. But when they find Eric, he turns out to to be Jafar in disguise. Jafar mocks Jasmine and says he never actually intended to marry her. He teleports Ariel back to the sea, and admits that he planned to destroy Agrabah anyway; all he wanted was the magic jewel in the dowry ring. He casts a spell, and Agrabah is trapped inside the ring. ("A Wondrous Place")

After Third Curse

Jasmine is reunited with Aladdin and enlists his help in locating their lost homeland. With the help of Captain Hook and Ariel, they find Jafar on Hangman's Island, where the latter reveals to Jasmine what happened to Agrabah. Jasmine turns the tables on him by using Jafar's own magic powder to transform Jafar into a walking staff. She declares to her friends that she knows how to save her home. Jasmine and Aladdin share a kiss of true love, and Agrabah re-materializes all around them. ("A Wondrous Place")


Known locations of the Capital of Agrabah are:


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