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5 07 1000 years before the age of King Arthur, a young man named Merlin runs through the desert, where he finds the magic cup known as the Holy Grail. Realizing he must drink from the cup or die from thirst, Merlin asks permission of the gods and drinks from the Grail. Grass begins to bloom in the desert, and Merlin realizes that he has magic powers.
There is a gap in the timeline here of five hundred years.
5 07 500 years before Emma Swan comes to Camelot,[1] Merlin falls in love with a young woman named Nimue. The two of them travel from Camelot to the site of the Flame of Prometheus, where Nimue becomes the first Dark One.

To keep Excalibur safe, Merlin and his Apprentice place the sword inside a stone. Merlin then uses a piece of Excalibur to create the Dark One Dagger and tethers the Dark One's spirit to it, giving whoever possesses the dagger the power to control the Dark One.

5 05 Armed with the dagger, Merlin goes into the woods to confront the Dark One. Nimue appears to Merlin and the latter prepares to kill her, but the sorcerer can't bring himself to kill the woman he loves. The Dark One seizes the opportunity and transforms Merlin into a tree.
There is a gap in the timeline here of several hundred years
5 04 While walking in the village of Camelot, a young Arthur tells Guinevere about his dreams of Camelot becoming a great kingdom with him as their king.
C OP Taking a journey to Camelot to steal its royal treasures, Jefferson enters in a castle and meets a fellow thief named Priscilla. When the guards come along to catch them for stealing, Jefferson and Priscilla escape through the portal hat.
5 01 To become the ruler of his kingdom, Arthur, along with Lancelot and Percival, go on a quest to find Excalibur. They succeed in finding it, and Arthur pulls the sword out of the stone, making him the ruler of Camelot. Unfortunately, when the sword is pulled out, it is revealed that a piece of the blade is missing.
5 04
5 04 After returning to Camelot, Arthur proves himself king to the entire village by partially unsheathing the sword.

Lancelot and Guinevere travel to the Vault of the Dark One to find the Dark One Dagger and make Excalibur whole again. The two of them give in to their feelings for one another and share a kiss. On their return to the village, Lancelot decides to leave Camelot forever, knowing that Guinevere has chosen Arthur over him. King Arthur uses the Sands of Avalon to restore the kingdom to its former glory.

There is a gap in the timeline here of 3 years[2][3]
The Dark Curse is cast
Time is frozen for 28 years
There is a gap in the timeline here of 2 years[2][3]
5 01 King Arthur and his knights find Emma Swan and the other Storybrooke inhabitants in the Enchanted Forest as it was prophesized by Merlin. He takes them to Camelot to help find the sorcerer, who went missing.
5 02 King Arthur shows the visitors a tree in the courtyard where Merlin is trapped. He asks which one of them is the prophesied savior, but as Emma prepares to speak up, Regina claims the title in her place, since Emma has assumed the mantle as the new Dark One. Percival recognizes Regina as the Evil Queen who once mercilessly killed his entire village. He attempts to kill her with an enchanted sword, but Regina is saved by Robin Hood, who is seriously injured in the process. In order to save his life, Emma is forced to use dark magic to heal him.
5 03 David and King Arthur go on a quest to find the Crimson Crown, a magical toadstool which will allow them to communicate with Merlin. The quest is successful, but unbeknownst to David, Arthur steals the toadstool from him. David is knighted as one of the Knights of the Round Table. Mary Margaret receives a warning from an old friend, Lancelot, who says that Arthur is a villain, and Camelot is not what it seems.
5 04 To find out what Arthur is up to, David and Mary Margaret come up with a plan to expose him. They discover that Arthur plans to use the Dark One's Dagger to make Excalibur whole again and kill Merlin, and rid the world of the Dark One for good. However, Arthur and his wife turn the tables on them by using sand of Avalon to make them forget what happened.
5 05 Emma uses a Dreamcatcher to capture her parents' missing memories, and discovers what Arthur did to them. By using a tear from her son, Henry, she is able to cast a spell that releases Merlin from the tree. Merlin returns her parents missing memories, and tells Emma that he can free her from the darkness, but only if she is ready for it.
5 06 Merlin, Hook, David and Belle break into Arthur's dungeon and free Lancelot and Merida. Merida follows the group into the woods and knocks Belle out, and brings her to the shores of Merida's homeland, DunBroch. Belle agrees to help her when Merida explains that she needs someone skilled with magic to help her find her brothers.
5 07 In order to help Emma get rid of the Darkness within her, Merlin and Emma travel from Camelot to the site of Prometheus' flame, to get the ember that can fuse Excalibur and the Dark One's Dagger back together. The mission is a success, but matters grow complicated when Arthur, with the help of Zelena, tethers Merlin to Excalibur, transforming it into a weapon that can be used to control the sorcerer.
5 08 Hook receives a deadly wound in a battle with Arthur. In a desperate bid to save the man she loves from dying, Emma uses dark magic to tether Hook to Excalibur, creating another dark one.
5 09 Arthur and Zelena travel from Camelot to DunBroch in search of an Enchanted Helm that can influence people into fighting for their cause.
5 10 Emma summons Hook using Excalibur, and gives him the sword in an attempt to prove that she trusts him. However, since she lied to him earlier about no longer having Excalibur, he no longer trusts her. Later that night, a purple cloud of magic engulfs Camelot, as the Dark Curse, cast by Hook, transports the Storybrooke guests, as well as Arthur, Guinevere and the other residents at the Camelot Castle, to the Land Without Magic. When Merida travels into the woods near Camelot, she too is swept up by the curse.


  1. The episode erroneously states that these events take place 200 years before Emma comes to Camelot. Adam Horowitz has stated that this was an error, and that it should have stated 500 years ago. (
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  3. 3.0 3.1 Note that "The Broken Kingdom" places the hunt for the Dark One Dagger five years before the scenes with the visitors from Storybrooke, meaning the time period is from the point of view of the Camelot people and does not include the Dark Curse's duration of 28 years where Storybrooke and parts of Fairy Tale Land were frozen in time

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