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Thank you Robert Carlyle, it was such an honor and a privilege to work with you!
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Brandon Spink is the American actor who portrays Baelfire on the sixth season of ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Brandon Spink hails from Marietta, Georgia,[1] where he lives with his parents and two younger brothers.[1][2] When he was still very young, his parents noticed that he had a talent for the imitating cartoon heroes, and let him take acting lessons. He started his career at age seven, when he starred in local theatre productions.[3]

Brandon's acting skills caught the attention of film and television director John Kent Harrison, who noticed him in one of his performances and cast him in a minor role in the 2011 television film Game of Your Life.[2]

Two years later, Brandon moved on two the big screen when he co-starred in the biographical crime film Devil's Knot, about the 1993 murders of three eight-year-old children in West Memphis, Arkansas, and the subsequent trials of three teenagers charged with and convicted of the crimes. Brandon plays Chris Bryers, who was one of the victims.[2] His performance led to numerous offers to perform in various TV shows,[2] and a string of film roles soon followed.

In 2016, he co-starred alongside Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah in the drama film Miracles from Heaven,[3] based on Christy Beam novel of the same name, which recounts the true story of Beam's young daughter who had a near-death experience and was later cured of an incurable disease. That same year, he played young Bruce Wayne in the superhero movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Jennifer Aniston’s son in the romantic comedy film Mother's Day.[1] In addition to the big screen, he landed a recurring role as Petey in the drama television series Game of Silence,[1] which is based on the Turkish series Suskunlar, itself based on the true story of children who were sentenced in absentia to nine years in prison on the charge of stealing some baklava dessert in Gaziantep in 1997.



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