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You're a dwarf, Dreamy. We're not capable of love. It's not how we’re made.

—Bossy to Dreamy src

Bossy is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the fourteenth episode of the first season and is portrayed by co-star Ken Kramer.


Before First Curse

In the mines, eight dwarf eggs near their hatching hour. When one of the eggs begins to move, the head dwarf, Bossy, points out that it's far too early, but he's proven wrong when a new dwarf hatches. The other seven eggs soon hatch new dwarves as well, and all eight of them are sent off to get cleaned up. Later, Bossy instructs the first hatched dwarf about his purpose, which is to mine for diamonds and create fairy dust from them. The dwarf inquiries about a beautiful woman he saw in a dream, but Bossy huffs that there is no such thing as female dwarves. When the nameless dwarf is given the name Dreamy from his ax handle, Bossy assures him that the ax never lies. ("Dreamy")

A year later, after a day of mining for diamonds, Bossy and the eight dwarves relax at the tavern. Dreamy, however, is distracted, and can't stop thinking about his prior meeting with the fairy Nova, who is also the woman he saw in his dream. Bossy notices Dreamy's odd behavior and asks him what's wrong. Dreamy wonders if he should get Doc to take a look at him, but Bossy questions if he's really going to trust a dwarf who got his profession from a pick ax, and tries to reassure him that dwarves don't get ill. Nearby, a human woman named Belle interjects, noting that Dreamy is actually lovesick. Bossy is in disbelief over her assertion, but Belle insists she knows love when she sees it. ("Dreamy")

The night that Dreamy leaves to travel the world with Nova, he is stopped by the Blue Fairy and Bossy before he can reach the rendezvous point. Bossy insists dwarves cannot fall in love, and the Blue Fairy pressures Dreamy further by revealing it is Nova's greatest wish to be a fairy godmother and she can't be one if Dreamy leaves with her. The Blue Fairy suggests that the two of them will accomplish great things if they are alone, but they would make a disastrous couple. They give him a choice; ruin both of their lives, or make Nova happy. Reluctantly, Dreamy breaks up with Nova, and returns to the mines. When Dreamy's ax breaks, Bossy supplies him with a new one, which gives Dreamy the new name Grumpy. ("Dreamy")


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