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I've heard of the Boiling Sea, but in person, it's even more amazing.
Alice to Cyrus src

The Boiling Sea is a Wonderland location on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the first episode.

The Boiling Sea is based on the boiling hot sea from the novel Through the Looking-Glass.


Before First Curse

In Wonderland, Alice and Cyrus are resting by the Tumtum tree. Alice says that Cyrus mentioned the Boiling Sea and says that she's always wanted to visit it, but Cyrus interrupts her, saying that he thinks it's time for her to make her wishes. ("Trust Me")

Later, Alice and Cyrus travel to the Boiling Sea during one of their many adventures together. They come to a halt at a cliff edge, where they are able to get a scenic view of the sea as the sun is in the horizon. One of the sea's main characteristics is the constant steam that rises from its sizzling waters. At the cliff edge, Cyrus proposes to Alice, and she happily accepts before he can finish his whole speech. This tender moment is cut short by the Red Queen, who orders her guards to seize the two lovers. While Alice is held down by the guards, Cyrus begins to get dragged away, but he breaks free to rescue her. The Red Queen quickly gains the upper hand by magically throwing Cyrus from the cliff edge and into the Boiling Sea to his death. Alice watches as her true love falls downwards and through a steam cloud, obscuring her from seeing him plunge into the scalding water, but she assumes the worst, which is that Cyrus died. In actuality, after Cyrus passes through the steam cloud, Jafar's flying carpet catches him in time before his body hits the sea water and then whisks him away. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

After being reunited with Alice, Cyrus gives her a ring. He comments on how they were "rudely interrupted" at the Boiling Sea and how he never had a chance to give it to Alice. She wholeheartedly accepts. ("Nothing to Fear")


Fairytales and Folklore


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